Happy Labor Day Everyone!


I hope all of you are having a fun and safe Labor Day celebration! Today is the last day of the Michigan State Fair. We have had a booth set up and selling our DTL Herb products since Friday. It’s the first time that a “Farmer’s Market” has been involved in the State Fair.


(Cow carved of butter)


It has been an exciting new venue for us and our business but, oh so exhausting! LOL


Since yesterday was my birthday….the big 50, and I spent it working, I told Troy that after we were done with this event we would head up to our trailer at the cabin for a few days. I figured we needed it and that was the best birthday present I could think of. Well, the best gift I knew we could afford anyway. LOL

The Thrifty Things Friday linky party will still post on Thursday. It is all scheduled.

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So, everyone have a fun week and I will talk to you soon!



  1. Happy Birthday! Enjoy some peace and quiet with Troy. Thanks for the butter cow picture, amazing.

  2. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your mini-vacation.

    Jocelyn @ http://justalittlesouthernhospitality.blogspot.com

  3. Happy Birthday and have a fun getaway! Love that butter cow -- butter sculptures always fascinate me at the fair!!

  4. Hope your work at the fair was profitable! Happy Birthday! And enjoy some relaxation! Enjoy!
    Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  5. Glad you had a good productive time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  6. Happy birthday! Thanks for the cow picture. We used to have butter sculptures at the Tulsa State Fair, but they quit having them 2-3 years ago. Boo...

  7. Happy Birthday, Diann
    I always wondered how they kept the butter from melting. I guess it was inclosed and had AC. Very realistic.
    Have a great getaway.

  8. Have a great week! I'll be away from TTF for a few weeks. I'll catch up when I get back from Paris!


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