Fabric Halloween Wreath Tutorial

Hi everyone!

This is a “flashback” post of a Halloween Fabric Wreath I made a couple of years ago.  

halloween wreath 0291

Most of the fabric I grabbed out of my fabric stash however, I did buy some new fabric. Let me tell ya, fabric is so expensive. The cheapest Halloween fabric I found was at Walmart for $2.49 a yard. I recommend keeping an eye out at thrift stores, yard sales etc. for old pieces of clothing or linens that are super cheap in the color group you may want to make fabric craft projects from. Old sheets are great for craft projects.

Okay, back to the project.

I decided to go with 3 different fabrics for this wreath. The Halloween fabric, since it was the most expensive, I used it the least. I had a large piece of orange and white check that I used the most.

My frame wreath is pretty big ( a thrifted picture that I got for $1.00. I removed the picture and glass because I only wanted the frame) so, I cut apx. 1 1/2 inch strips (the fabric is 44-45". Then those strips were cut into apx. 11" lengths (I just folded the strips into 4ths and cut). I keep saying cut but, actually I snipped the fabric at the natural fold and then ripped the strips apart. I wanted the whole "raggy" edge.

halloween wreath 001

halloween wreath 006

Once you have all your strips, it's time to tie them to your wreath base. I tied 3 of the Halloween strips in a row then the orange and white check (3 in a row) then the 3rd fabric (3 in a row) then back to the orange and white. The orange and white was the "filler" print so I didn't have to buy a lot more of the Halloween print.

halloween wreath 008

It took me about 3/4 of a yard for the 2 Halloween prints and about 1 1/3 a yard of my filler orange and white fabric.
This is how it turned out.

halloween wreath 012

halloween wreath 013

Now it's time to "doodad it up"! I added plastic spiders, rats and bats that I got in a bag from the dollar store. I actually got these over in the kids toy section. And I added some black crows (purchased at a variety store 3/$1.00) and then the little hangy Halloween sign got tied in the middle (Dollar store). I just hot glued some of the things around the wreath and wired the hanging thing in the middle.

halloween wreath 024

halloween wreath 026

This is one of those projects you can do while watching TV. Very easy and pretty thrifty!

halloween wreath 0291


  1. What fun colors...and creepy details! heehee! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Hi Diann, great wreath and even greater reminder to everyone about keeping an eye out for fabric at thrift stores. I have even resorted to cutting up thrifted clothes to get the fabric I need. New fabric is soooo expensive! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  3. Oh that is cute! I love the material and the ragged edges.

  4. This is adorable and so easy the way you show it. Thanks for sharing, Have a great week, Ginger

  5. I love it, Diann! Thanks for sharing your tutorial. Hope you are having a great time up north!

  6. Diann, Sorry for the "unknown" commenter - it was me. I forgot to sign in to google. Anyway, I wanted to say that I adore your wreath! Thanks for sharing the instructions. Hope you are having fun up north!

  7. That is the cutest wreath...maybe I will attempt one!

  8. These are the FUN type of Halloween crafts that I appreciate.
    You have as much fun gathering the items as you do putting it together.

  9. What a great idea to use an old frame. Never thought of that. Wreath wire frames are so expensive.
    This is a cute project. I guess fall will be here before I know and I should get ready.


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