Deer Blind Tea

Hi everyone!
A couple of weeks ago when I went up to our trailer/cabin, I shared some pictures of the deer blind my dad, brother and nephews were working so hard on (Post here).
Two of my nephews went back up to the cabin during Labor Day weekend and worked like crazy to get the staircase and landing built.
Now, I have to tell you, this is serious work and this blind is a serious project……to my nephews and brother. They are serious hunters. They have been working hard and spending every free couple of days they had heading up to the cabin (almost 300 miles from home) to try to get this done before bow season (Oct. 1st). It’s a total guy thing!
Well, I just couldn’t help myself! Wicked Diann needed to come out and play! I told my mom about my “plan” for the tree house….er… deer blind.
So, my mom and I decided that while the boys weren’t here, we would help add some touches!
One day while we were at the cabin, my mom and I headed to a local town to do some shopping and thrifting. We found some special things just for the deer blind. You know, just to make it special for the boys! (insert evil grin!)
 My mom and I lugged a bunch of crap… I mean pretties down to the deer blind. This was not an easy task! But, I had joked with my nephew that I thought this deer blind was going to make a wonderful place to relax, have some tea and blog. He just stared at me with the whole, “Aunt Diann has lost her mind” kind of look. Afterall, this is a ….SERIOUS he-man hunting deer blind. We will just see about that! LOL
IMG_6961  We “Dolled it up”! It’s a Deer Blind Tea Party!
 I bought some things at the thrift store just to set this up! Yes, that is how dedicated I was to doing this! LOL
 My mom gathered some things from the cabin to add even more special touches.

These were the frilliest and girliest toss pillows I could find at the thrift store (they are now going right back to the thrift store! LOL).
Our tea is all set!
A perfect place to enjoy chatting, some tea and doing our nails!
One MUST be comfy when enjoying some girl time in a deer blind!
Thank you Zack, Blake, Chris, Dad and big Chris for giving us such a lovely place to enjoy some relaxation time!
And how sweet of you guys to provide a beautiful window to enjoy watching the deer come in!
I'm so glad my mom made a sign otherwise people would accidently think this is a place to hunt deer!
See, I even added a camo valance!
We tried to make it inviting even from the porch!
Mom and I can’t thank you boys enough for our lovely Girl’s Retreat!
What a charming getaway! You guys did such a great job! Thank you! (wink).
Doesn’t every girl dream of a “Girl’s Tea Room” in the middle of the woods?
When I got home from the cabin, I texted my brother and nephews a few of these pictures. My brother thought it was hilarious but, my nephew just kept saying to my brother, “I don’t get it”. LOL
I’ll tell you what, my mom and I worked our tails off hauling all this stuff out into the middle of the woods. Carrying it up the stairs into this deer blind, setting everything up and then taking everything down the stairs and back to the cabin! Not to mention, it was 94 degrees that day! We sweated like crazy! But, it was SOOOO worth it! LOL
I hope you enjoyed stopping by for tea today!
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  1. Hi Diann, that is super funny (and cute)! Love the pink camo, too.Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. THAT was great! And deer season is short,the rest of the year it can be the girls blog shack1 The boys will come around! Thanks for sharing a great laugh!

  3. How funny! And what a fun wonderful thing to do with your Mom!

  4. This looks like something off of Duck Dynasty! My husband and grandson have been watching deer hunting videos all morning! Bow season starts tomorrow here in SC.

  5. That is hilarious! My husband & sons are serious hunters, too. Bow seasons starts here TODAY! Big deal here.

  6. My hubby was a hunter, Diann. I sure got a kick out of seeing your dolled up version of a deer blind. You and your mom did a great job.

  7. I love this and to top it all off Pink Camo...perfect!

  8. Too funny ... but our serious deer hunters would not have thought so, especially the young guys. Well, you had fun anyway.

  9. I love all the frilly and pink!
    Have a wonderful week, Diann...

  10. This is PRICELESS!!!! I love it!
    Great thing for you and your Mom to be in "cahoots" together!:)

  11. LOL! Good for you, Diann! My grandsons and son-in-laws are serious deer hunters also and have built a "cabin blind" as they call it. I can see myself doing this in it! NOT! They would have a "hissy fit". Bow season started yesterday here.

  12. That was good! You and your mom must have done a lot of laughing while setting up the deer tea house. I know what you mean about guys liking their places masculine, did you leave at least one frilly thing for them to use? LOL

  13. I am still smiling, grinning, and giggling. This is a perfect way to handle the all boy's hunting blind. All the girly touches with the flamingo and pink touches are priceless. I love the girl's only sign! Have a fabulous week in your new tea party place in the woods!


  14. That is the cutest thing I've ever seen! I'm glad you had your mother to help. I'm sure she was a HOOT...both of you!!! The flamingos are the perfect touch. Just think of all the deer that will show up just to see 'what in the world'!!! I love it! You girls did GOOD!!!

  15. What a fun post, Diann! You and your mom must have shared a few giggles while enjoying your tea in your 'play house.' I laughed when I saw the flamingoes! Ah, a sense of homor can take one a long way in life! Thanks for sharing this with us at Tea Time and enjoy your week.


  16. Oh how funny! It turned out really cute though. I can imagine the faces on the guys when they see it...Christine

  17. I adore your teahouse! It looks tree-mendous! The two of you did a great job. I enjoyed your post.

  18. Being married to a serious hunter myself, this made me laugh out loud. I can't believe that you dragged all that stuff up the stairs, but you made it look great! I think they guys are just going to have to build themselves another blind and let you girls have the tea house! Dianne

  19. I think this is a great idea and love all the colors!

  20. How fun is this. I love it. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  21. Seriously, how fun are you?? I LOVE this especially the camo :) Thanks for sharing this post on Tickled Pink Times Two!


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