A Rainy Day in the Woods

Hi everyone!
I love rainy days. It’s just that simple. And I really love a rainy day when I am camping. Being inside the trailer and listening to the rain hit the roof is a soothing thing to me. On those days I love to grab the book I am reading, make a cup of tea and snuggle in. If I’m not careful, the rain will easily lull me to sleep before I know it.
While we were at the cabin, we kept hoping for a rainy day because the land really needed it and we finally got one. I awoke to the rain pounding down on the trailer. Yup, it was not an easy thing to actually get out of bed. I laid there for quite awhile just enjoying it. As long as you close the ceiling vents, all the other windows in the trailer can be open during the rain so I really was able to hear it.
One of the things that Troy and I said we wanted to do while we were away at our trailer was to sit down and have a business meeting. I know that sounds weird because we are with each other all the time so, why set aside a time to discuss business.
Well, at home, we are going 100 miles an hour in every direction all the time. As thoughts pop into our head regarding our business we will maybe say it out loud or think that we need to bounce it off the other person soon. And then life gets hectic and we forget about it. So, we really need a time and place that is without distractions. So, we can actually focus and work out a business plan for the upcoming months.
Since Farmer Markets are dwindling down now, we need to shift our focus to booking presentations, special events, craft shows and doing classes. This is how we earn our income during the non-farmer market season.
So, a rainy day is the perfect time to sit down together and hammer some things out.
With a pot of coffee ready, a snack, the laptop and a few other tools we sat down for our meeting.
Well, we were able to create a complete portfolio to present to future clients and groups regarding a nice variety of classes & presentations that we offer. It was a productive rainy day! And very relaxing!
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed your visit!


  1. Isn't it amazing what you can get accomplished when you do not have daily chores reminding you that you "need" to get up and take care of them first. Enjoy your time away from home. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. Love hearing the rain! Enjoy the weekend!

  3. I love a rainy day with nothing to do but relax, read and rest! A nice business meeting is OK too! Hugs, Linda

  4. Sounds like a wonderful, productive day.

  5. I agree to hear the rain on the roof is heaven as long as it is not to much rain.

  6. I like the rain too, Diann, as long as it is not accompanied by strong winds....Christine


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