Thrifty Things Friday #121

Hi everyone!

Linda and I are so happy you could join us today and can’t wait to see what you have to share!

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Oh, and on a fun note, Miss Linda went to the WLYS (World’s Longest Yard Sale) and thought of all of you! She put together a few treasures she found and is offering a giveaway! Check it out and enter by clicking the picture below!PicMonkey CollageAA

Well as most of your know I have been de-cluttering, eliminating, organizing and parting ways with many of my treasured items. Yes, this has been an overdue and needed thing. Today is all about linens.

Today my “thrifty” post is actually reverse thrifting! I am giving back to a local thrift store in hopes that someone else will come along and be happy to find so many linens!






napkin rings donate1


Well, after this purge, I didn’t quite hit my overall goal of eliminating 50% but, I think I hit somewhere around 35%. But, some of the ones that I kept I thought to myself, “I want to do one more tablescape with these and then they can be donated as well”. So, I am pretty happy with my Reverse Thrifting today!

Have you gone through some of your thrifted treasures and thought, “I have enjoyed this long enough, it’s time to let someone else have the pleasure of discovering it at a thrift store” lately? As thrifters we know we will always have the joy of finding new to us treasures to enjoy and play with. It is all part of the Thrift Seeker Thrill!

Okay, on with the party!!


  1. What a fabulous thing to do, and some one will discover some neat treasures! Thanks so much for hosting.

  2. Nice features today! Thank you for the cool party, my friend.
    Big hugs,

  3. Oh I'd love to go check out your linens at the Thrift shop! Thanks for this cool party, sweet friend. Big hugs,

  4. What a wonderful donation! I'm sure it will make someone very happy. Our local organization does two things: it gives away things to the needy, and it sends some to the thrift shop, the proceeds of which are funneled back to the charity. I actually just dropped off a load at my local charity today! I had a few things that did not sell at my booth and a whole lot of clothes that are way too big for us since the weight loss. Like you, I am so glad to give back!

  5. I get in a 'mood' to get rid of things. This week, I filled a bag with shorts and tops that I don't like. And I've been sewing up a storm! I'm happy to be linked! HUGS!!!

  6. Good for your! I'm trying to purge some things here as well, but not making the progress that you seem to be making. I need to fill some more bags and make a thrift shop stop. Yes, it does feel good!
    Thanks for hosting. ~ Sarah

  7. Diann you did great at your 'reverse' thrifting! I know that it really is about enjoying things for a time and then donating them back and finding new things! I took a box and a bag to the thrift today and brought back two placemats and a picture frame to redo! I'm happy with my finds and my donations!

  8. Diane,
    I like this "idea," of reverse thrifting too! I tend to get sentimental about my treasures-so if I view it as passing them on-not giving them up, it feels so much better!!
    Thank you for featuring my napkin rings! I am so pleased you like them!
    Sweet and Happy Hugs,

  9. Sometimes you just have to reverse thrift! I need to do that very soon! Thanks for the party!!!

  10. Whoa, That's a lot of linens. I have the same linen problem, but I'm not getting rid of mine. :)
    Thanks for hosting TTF!

  11. You always amaze me at your FINDS so I guess I have been reverse-amazed lately! :)

  12. 35% is still pretty good! Be proud, lots of people can't reverse thrift anything! : )

  13. Someone will be very happy - that's what I thought when a few weeks ago, I donated back some Pyrex!

  14. Oh yes, I enjoy things for a few years then pass them along. Have to or you'd go nuts with all the "stuff!" Thanks again for hosting!

  15. It always feels good to do a bit of cleaning out. Often I take a bag to the thrift store when I go to shop. Leave a little and bring home a little. That's my motto. lol! Thanks for hosting.


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