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Hi everyone!
I had a wonderful time getting away for a few days. Being with my family and the solitude of being in the woods is always a mental cleansing for me. I can relax and let go of the day to day problems for a few precious moments.
However, if you own a cabin or a trailer, you now that it’s a constant battle to maintain the upkeep of them. So, you spend a good portion of time fixing, cleaning and doing just normal everyday maintenance.
So, this past weekend was a working weekend. But, it is always nicer to be working doing things back in the woods than at home!
One nephew spent most of his time putting new roofing on the front of the cabin.
My brother was turning the soil over so the meadow could be planted with rye for the deer.

My mom spent most of her time cooking for everyone.
The other nephew was helping Grandpa (my dad) build a new deer blind.
The guys got the framing for the deer blind up.
The black tarp area is where the door will go and a landing along with stairs will be built on to it.
2013-08-18 16_52_35
The other side of the blind. My nephew is stapling some tarp to cover where the window will go.
2013-08-18 17_02_20
They got a lot done in such a short period of time. Once it is painted, you won’t be able to see it tucked back there in the woods.
And me? My job was to take pictures and document everything! LOL


  1. I like your job and you are very good at it!

  2. I think my brother uses his deer stand to observe the animals. He has not killed a deer in years! :)

  3. Linda, that sounds like my dad and Troy. I already told my nephews that this is going to be a perfect place for me to "shoot".....PICTURES! LOL

  4. Looks like a great way to spend a week.

  5. Nice weekend, so it seems.

    I tell ya, come deer hunting season that fresh venison is going to be GREAT for the freezer.

    That awesome cabin int he woods, and your new deer blind my hunting brother would just LOVE!


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