Summer Harvest Table

Hi everyone!

Well, it is that time of the year when every farmer is frantically harvesting all of their blood, sweat and tears. So, I thought it only fitting to dedicate a tablescape to all those hard workers who keep our homes filled with fresh, healthy and delicious produce!

Everyone who has waited anxiously for the gorgeous juicy field ripen tomatoes are taking advantage of this time of the year! We hold these yummy sweet memories with us when we are at the grocery store in mid February and trying to find a semi-decent tomato.

The summers bounty should be represented in light summery colors. It isn’t Fall yet and we aren’t talking about a Fall harvest. So, I searched through my stash of linens and dishes to see what I could come up with.


I have to confess, about half of the things I used on this table were used because I am ready to donate them. So, it’s pretty mix and match today.



I have enjoyed these veggie plates. The set is made up of four different vegetable designs. And they were made in Italy. I bought them at a flea market a couple of years ago.


The “Stars” of the table are the beautiful fresh tomatoes!



Of course a little freshly snipped basil is a perfect companion to tomatoes.


This is a BLT pie. My mom found the recipe and baked one while we were at the cabin. We all LOVED it! She made this second one for Troy since he wasn’t at the cabin and didn’t get to try it. Yes, my hubby is spoiled!! Here is the post with the recipe! You will loved it and it is pretty easy!





Some fun vintage glasses.


Okay, grab a seat and let’s have some pie!

For those following along on TTG FB “Reverse-Thrifting” party, the following items will be donated from this tablescape in September:

  • The tablecloth
  • The placemats
  • The marble napkin rings
  • The vintage glasses
  • The 4 piece veggie plates

Just pop over to The Thrifty Groove Facebook page and “like” then join in!

September’s TTG FB Reverse-Thrifting party will be up on September 1st! You can still join in on the August party if you want. Remember, you don’t need a blog or a blog post to join. Just take a picture of what you are donating and tell us a little about it. That’s it. Just leave the pic in the comments. And you can come back and post more pics or leave comments all throughout the month.

I’m joining:

Inspire Me Tuesday

You’re Gonna Love it Tuesday

Let’s Dish!


  1. A BLT PIE??? That sounds amazing!!!!

  2. A beautiful tablescape and I am coming back for that pie recipe!

  3. OH my, I am coming back for the BLT pie. We love BLT sandwiches so I know we would love this. Our tomatoes are gone but they were good while they lasted.
    Love your table, Let me know the date and thrift store where you are donating, I will be in right behind you. LOL
    Blessings, Ginger

  4. Lovely giveaway ítems, specially the veggie plates. I'm loving the BLT pie idea and I'm copying your mom's pie! Thank you and have a lovely week.

  5. Great 1930's country vibe to your tablescape! Waiting on that pie recipe.

  6. It looks so wonderful, I wish I were there to try some, if it is half as good as the pictures you have a winner...Phyllis

  7. Love it!! It all looks so nice together.

  8. Lovely tablescape. LOVE those vintage glasses.

  9. What a fun table! I'll do one soon and then reverse thrift some of it also! So good to do that! The pie looks so good, can't wait to see the recipe.


  10. That BLT pie looks amazing as do the tomatoes & basil! I love your dishes to pieces. I hope the find a good home Diann :-)

  11. What a pretty table, and that pie looks amazing. My daughters are both bacon freaks, they would love that.

  12. Hi Diann...The tomato pie looks delectable. And because your Mom baked it, I'm sure it was even doubly wonderful. Susan

  13. Wow ... what a pretty table. Love the white tiered dish & your pie looks amazing =)

  14. Oh my, this is lovely. Gorgeous table and fabulous meal. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, marty

  15. Love both the tablescape and the tomatoes! Looks wonderful...

  16. I'm making that "pie" for dinner tomorrow. It sounds delicious.

    That's very clever how you used the veggies on the first layer. I must keep that in mind.

  17. I love your Farmer's Table! The vegetable plates are the perfect addition for a tablescape. The BLT pie looks very yummy! have a great week!


  18. Hi Diann!
    Cute table and the pie looks great, and I don't even eat tomatoes! You are being so good giving things away, I do give, but not my dishes. I give shoes, bags, clothes and other household things, but my dish and napkins, etc., I have a hard time doing that! I only kept 4 purses and 4 prs of shoes, the rest went.

  19. Oh, I want a slice right now! I don't eat tomatoes, but they are pretty. Your table is too. Can't believe you are parting with those dishes. ;-)


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