Sparkle and Bling Pumpkins

Hi everyone!

Have you been checking out all the Fall decor in the stores? I have! there is just so much fun and cute stuff out there!

Gliterizing pumpkin has been around for the last few years and remains popular. But I am now seeing a lot more bling being added to pumpkins. We are talking beads and sequence!

2013-08-07 19_12_32

I thought I would snap some pictures at Big Lot to share with you. Ooooh I love me some sparkle!!

2013-08-07 19_12_43

Sequence are certainly trending this year! I love it!

2013-08-07 19_16_51

I definitely see sparkly sequence and beads littering my dining room table and floor in the upcoming weeks!


Are you ready to get out the glitter, sequins and other bling and start creating some sparkly pumpkins?


  1. Those are so sparkly! I love them. I'm starting to think fall will be so much fun this year!

  2. I am so ready!! Love the fall season and a little sparkle added is a plus!


  3. Not quite ready yet. However, the weather is so cool right now in NE Georgia, I might get in the mood soon. It's 65 and overcast, in the middle of August. Guess we can call it "a cold day in August". Love those blingy pumpkins though. Need to go look around at Big Lots. :) Have a great weekend.

  4. I see dollar tree pumpkins and glitter & sequins in my future for sure Diann! Big Lots has stepped up this year. I thought your photos were from Hobby Lobby or Michael's!

  5. I've caught a glimpse of them but I try to hold on to summer as long as I can, so don't go down the aisle! They are pretty though!

  6. Some of the gals have made pink sparkly pumpkins, I wouldn't mind trying that.

  7. Whoa the purple ones! With the right decor those could look cool. I like the white ones best, though, I think.

  8. I can see a glittery season coming up. Fall decor is great fun! xoGinger

  9. That red "croc leather" pumpkin in the last picture is awesome! So elegant


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