“Reverse Thrifting” Party on Facebook


I have created a FB page just for The Thrifty Groove. I would love for you to pop by and “like” the page.

Also, I decided that since I already have a weekly party here, Thrifty Things Friday, I would create a fun and easy party over there on my new Facebook page. It is super simple. I will do it once a month and you can add your comments/pictures anytime throughout the month on that post.

For August, just head HERE or click the picture below.


Now you probably want to know what the heck I am talking about right? Okay, here goes.

I am a thrifter. I LOVE to thrift. So, I find myself with a lot , and I do mean a LOT of treasures. Obviously, I cannot keep every thing. So, once I have enjoyed, played with it, used it or whatever, I need to pass it along to someone else to enjoy.

So, I am trying to be a responsible thrifter, not a hoarder.

I have always been pretty good about going through my closets and dressers on a regular basis and purging as necessary. I also am a huge reader so, I donate read books a couple of times a month.

The Thrifty Groove Facebook “Reverse Thrifting” party is just a place where you can add a comment with a picture of things you are donating. It will kind of help us keep on track regarding editing out our thrifted treasures from time to time.

You don’t have to be a blogger to join. You don’t even have to have a blog post (if you are a blogger) to join. This is all about just snapping a picture of the things you have edited and plan to donate. You can take a picture of the items or the box/bag and post that picture. Let us know what you are purging or why you are purging or even where you plan to donate.

That’s it. There is no visiting other people who have joined the party. You are just sharing your decluttering with us. And you can add a picture and post whenever you want or as many pictures/comments as you want.

I just want it to be a positive encouragement for all of us to share. And this is a way to hold us accountable for keeping our thrifting in check.


  1. Wow - what an awesome idea! I have TONS to share... Making my trip to the goodwill this weekend! :)

  2. Happy to see you have a facebook page. Just liked it and think your idea is very cool. :)


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