Last Chance Pansy Table

Hi everyone!

Well, as you all are well aware, I have been doing some major purging, de-cluttering and just downsizing of some of my table linens, dishes and glasses. I have given myself permission to just enjoy and play with some thrifted treasures and then release them back into the thrifting wilderness! LOL.

As I have been gathering the pieces I no longer want, I have tried to do a “Last Chance” tablescape using them. So, before I donated these items, I set a little table using them.


I had a four place setting set of these cute pansy dishes. They have been donated.


I also had four of the blue-green salad plates. They have been donated.



Both sets of glasses have been donated. And the napkins.


I kept the bottles of beverages ….of course! LOL


And I kept my placemats and silverware. Those were the only items I kept from this table.



But, the Martha Stewart tablecloth has been donated.


Just a little last farewell to some tableware friends!

Have you been purging or letting go of some of your treasures lately? Remember, when they get donated you know that some other tablescaper out there is going to be so happy to find some new to her beauties! On a side note, I created a "The Thrifty Groove" Facebook page. I would love for you to check it out and "like" it if you would. also, I am having a little party over there. I decided to do a little "Reverse-thrifting" party. You don't have to have a blog to join it or if you do have a blog, you don't have to do a post. Just head over to The Thrifty Groove Reverse-thrifting party and post a picture of some things you are letting go of and donating. You could tell us what it is that you are donating. Why you are purging or even where you are donating to.

I’m joining:

What’s it Wednesday

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Home and Garden Thursday

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  1. Since I began following thrifters like you, I haven't had so much desire to purchase too many treasures. You might want to check out my "museum" of charity store finds and inherited treasures on my Wetcreek Museum blog at

  2. YES!

    I most certainly have been purging.

    I really love this idea of yours - one last post before donating.

    That sure was/is a purdy tablescape for some lucky tablescaper. But doesn't it feel wonderful to get RID of excess stuff? I have been feeling so good about things around here due to it.

  3. I love the 'last chance' tablescape! I think I might make it a monthly 'feature' on my! I have some dishes I just haven't used yet but I know once I do it's time for them to go back into the world. Love the pansy plates. You and I have been doing a great job proud of both of us! We do LOVE our stuff!

  4. I just love those pansy plates, I love pansies anyway..they are so pretty and so perfect before the summer is over, thanks for reminding me how fun they are and I love the tablescape and everything that you have paired with them...come on over and have some watermelon, your drink is waiting...Phyllis

  5. Donating always makes you feel good when purging old things.

  6. I don't have enough tablewares to purge but I certainly have other things around the home that go out for charity pickups. The setting here is pretty and someone will be happy to find them for their own use.

  7. This is so beautiful...I love every element on this table. Glad you used it once more before you donated it!

  8. Love the last Pansy table, it is very pretty. I love all those colors together!!


  9. I adore Pansies - these dishes are marvelous - I am doing some purging too - it is kind of difficult - love how you're creating tablescapes with them before parting with them! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  10. I love those dishes and napkins together, so pretty! You are really purging! I don't know if I could have parted with those pretties!


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