A Paper Plate Kind of Night!

Hi everyone!

As most of you know I am somewhat of a dish-aholic so it is rare that I ever use or buy paper plates. However, when you have a mom who discovers a super cool, very thrifty paper goods store and she buys you garbage bags of the cutest paper plates, matching napkins and other fun table items, you use them!


During the summer with all the farmer’s markets, it is not uncommon for us us to finally sit down and eat something for dinner at 9:00 in the evening. And the thought of messing up a bunch of dishes and having to clean up the kitchen is just not desirable! So, the paper products come in handy especially for a light dinner.


The other night we had a simple dinner of a pasta salad that I had made ahead of time with our DTL Herb Italian Dressing (see recipe at this blog post) and just some fresh sliced tomatoes.


We sat outside on the patio and ate and talked about the day.


Cute rooster paper plates with matching napkins.


These placemats can easily be wiped down.


Just a simple light meal and some downtime after a full and exhausting day.

Because this is really helping me stay in check, I am posting again and probably will continue to do so, what items I am “Reverse-Thrifting”.

  • The set of four vintage FireKing red & white striped coffee mugs
  • Set of two white etched fruit design glasses
  • Set of four Red & White Check Placemats
  • Set of four Blue & White Check Placemats.

Remember, feel free to pop over to the TTG Facebook page and post a picture of what you are getting rid of and donating!


  1. What a nice mumma, that's a cute haul of paper plate goodness.

  2. Very cute rooster plates. Love those striped mugs too!

  3. I love using fun paper plates. In the summer, I keep a stack right out on the table because we have never had a dishwasher so in the summer, I often give myself a break from doing dishes this way. Love how you used those milk glass pieces for serving. I've sold several in my Etsy shop just like that to hold jewelry and hang earrings in the outer holes!

  4. GREAT paper plates. I love Fire King too.

  5. I use a lot of paper plates since it's just me a lot of the time. You have some cute one's! Makes me want to find a thrifty bunch of those myself! Love your continued reverse thrifting. I haven't done much here since I'm all about my trip, but after I get back I think there will be more donating!
    I love pasta salad also...yum!

  6. I didn't know there were the striped mugs, I have the glasses to match, they're so pretty!!


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