Thrifty Things Friday #118

Hi everyone,

TTF CoHost 1

Thank you for joining Linda and I today for TTF #118!

Awhile back I shared a quilt with you that I bought for a summer look in our bedroom.


Well, with my 50% off VW coupon, I found pretty curtains. They are in the wash right now so, you will have to wait to see those. But, I also found some throw pillows.


Very simple ecru embroidered pillows.


Two rectangular ones.


And a square one.


Each of them came out to, after my 50% off coupon, to .75 cents each! They have great pillow forms in them and they all washed up wonderfully. I figured even if I changed my mind with the outside, I could reuse the pillow forms with other fabric!

Linda and I are looking forward to seeing your thriftiness this week!

I hope you have had a wonderful week!


  1. LOVE the bedspread and pillows! What a GREAT deal!

  2. So pretty ....delicate and summery looking! :)

  3. I love pretty old fashioned pillows like these. I'm changing some pillows out today, too! Hugs!

  4. Thanks for hosting Diann & Linda! It's too hot to be outdoors, so I can enjoy joining in & some visiting. I tried your new link method, it's great!

    I love all linens, so you know I love your post!

    :) Pam

  5. I love embroidery and specially this kind, it's so lovrly and romantic. I also know how to embroider by hand myself. Thank you for the great party! Big hugs,

  6. Love the pillows! I keep a lookout at GW for pillows all the time! I like the one's with a form inside I can wash and reuse just like these. Pretty!


  7. The pillow shams are just incredible! I love them! What a find! The forms are so expensive in the stores, which makes this an even better deal!

    Flora Doora

  8. Love the pillow shams and spread. Great price!

  9. Great finds! Thanks for hosting.

  10. my gosh, what a score! and thanks so much to you and linda for hosting!

  11. Being frugal is always more fun than a splurge, at least to me. Quilts, embroidered pieces and fabric such as matelasse have always drawn me in. They call out to be touched and used.I believe the quilt and the pillows look welcoming and I am sure the curtains are a compliment to the ensemble!


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