Thrifty Things Friday #117

Hi everyone!
TTF CoHost 1
Linda and I are so happy to see here today at the party!
As many of you know, especially those who follow me on Facebook, I have been decluttering and not buying much lately. However, the other day I hit up a few thrift stores because I was looking for something particular for our business. Fortunately, I found what I was looking for. That is always a good thing!
Of course, I looked around and saw several things that I really would have loved. But, I passed them by. My willpower is getting stronger! LOL
I couldn’t pass up this little purchase.
75 cents for this set of vintage Avon blue glass salt and pepper shakers.
I don’t collect S & P shakers (that would be my friend Linda) but, I just couldn’t pass these up. I love colored glass and blue is always a favorite of mine. And I just couldn’t beat the price!
So, that was my big splurge this week when it comes to thrifty finds.
And one little bit of fun thriftiness, today is 7-11 so, it is free small slurpee day at 7-11! Just thought you might want to know.
So, now lets see YOUR thriftiness for the week!


  1. I love blue glass! What a fun find and a slurpee, too! Life is good! Sweet hugs!

  2. Now they remind me of a pretty little blue dish with a ruffled edge in the thrift store that I was in not too long ago. I was tempted but did not buy but it would have gone nicely with your set! :)

  3. Love the sweet blue S&P shakers Diann!! Thank you and Linda for hosting. Have a terrific weekend :-)

  4. Those are pretty! I do collect vintage S&P shakers. I have a little china cabinet in my dining room and the shakers fit in great there.

    Thanks for hosting! I linked up my new dining room curtains which were super thrifty!

  5. Oh Diann you know me so well! I LOVE the s&p so much!!! So 'if' you get tired of them....LOL!


  6. Love colored glass, especially blue. What a great find and an amazing price! Missed my frozen sugar injection at the 7-11 today, darn! LOL!

    Thanks for hosting to both of you! :) Pam

  7. LOVE the salt and peppers. GREAT color. You got them for a steal.

  8. Love your fab finds. Love that shade of blue...very elegant. Thanks for hosting this wonderful party!


  9. I've never seen those before. And blue. Very cute.

  10. Those s&p shakers are very pretty, I'd have gotten them too! Thanks for hosting each week. I did a paint project on a FREE table - can't get much more thrifty than that! haha Take care - Dawn

  11. I've been collecting salt and pepper shakers for over 40 years, and my mother gave me this set "back in day" when they were brand new. They originally contained Avon cologne and then were meant to use as shakers once the cologne was gone. I love mine, and I know you will enjoy them a lot.

  12. Wow for 75 cents you can't go wrong. Love the blue color too.

  13. Thanks for hosting! I don't necessary collect salt and pepper shakers but when I come across a cute set for a great price, I usually buy them!

  14. Thanks so much for hosting such a great party! I love your gorgeous blue salt and pepper shakers, I'll have to see if I can find a pair to go with my blue willow dishes!

  15. Great find! Thank you for hosting!


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