Changing Out Herbs

Hi everyone!

The herb beds that we have at home are our experimental, home use and recipe developer herbs. So, we are always trying to grow new herbs just to see how they grow, what they need to grow, how they look and if they are herbs we may use.

In one of our little contained herb beds, we have had Feverfew, Yarrow, Spiderwort and Garlic Chives growing for a couple of years now.

Feverfew and Yarrow are some very old herbs. They are not used as much anymore. But, we learned a lot about them as we grew them. They are no longer needed in this little bed.

As you can see, I haven’t touched this bed yet this year.



Yup, it has run amuck! Time to clear it out.


The leafy plant is Feverfew. It is getting pulled out.


Also the fern like leaf plant, Yarrow, its getting pulled out.


This is garlic chives. It is being moved and separated in a different herb bed. Garlic chives have a pretty white blooming flower on them that will bloom mid summer.


This is spiderwort. I am moving this to it’s own pot. It is already blooming with small fuchsia/purple flowers.

I also had to remove many herbs that decided to move in to this little bed such as Lambs Ear, Lemon Balm and regular chives.


Once I took out all the plants, I took a small hand shovel and dug deep into the soil and turned it over. I was able to get out all the root systems that were still in there. I added a bit more compost and soil and now it is ready for it’s new occupants.


This is Applemint. It is a favorite of mine and I never see it available any where. I want to get it out of this oak barrel and into more direct sun. You can see they are a bit scraggly and spindly. Not good! I want them fuller and bushier.


And here they are in their new home. They need to be cut down again but, they are starting to bush out now. They are happy, happy, happy!


I wrote this post a few weeks ago. I have harvested the Applemint once already and they are ready to be harvested again! Yup, they really do love their new home!

Want to know how to grow happy healthy herbs, learn how to cut them at this post! How to cut herbs


  1. Hello Diann,
    I loved the post on the herbs! I like the concept for thrifty living. I do not really follow a blog with this as a main focus. As we all know is just plain wisdom in these days. I did add a much older post to your last party, to see if I could fit in :)
    Happy Summer and I hope to come back as I just signed up with Bloglovin today!
    Blessings, Roxy

  2. They seem like a healthy lot. Do you share recipes for all of them?

  3. Very informative...I had no idea that Spiderwort is an herb. It grows wild in my yard and is quite a nuisance, although very pretty in the early spring in the morning. What is it used for?

  4. I like to grow herbs that stay where they're put, a couple that got out of hand were the feverfew and mint. Chocolate mint has got to be my favourite.

  5. Hi Diann...I love reading and hearing about herbs. Went to a couple of lectures on them this summer. Apparently basil is extremely easy to grow. One place also grew lots of lavender and tons of garlic. Very interesting. Susan

  6. I love herbs and have had a herb bed for many years. Just a couple notes for you, don't let the garlic chives go to seed, I have been digging volunteer garlic chives every year and can't seem to control them so I pick off the blossoms when they appear. I have the same problem with the apple mint, I pull and pull. Both of these herbs are invasive but I do like to use them so I just try to keep on top of keeping them in control.


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