Thrifty Things Friday #112

Hi everyone!

Thank you for joining Linda and I for this week’s party!

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If you are a Facebook friend you know that our upstairs bathroom has been getting a facelift! I have new floor tiling, new vanity and a never countertop/sink will be installed soon.

The bathroom has been in “sea/beach” colors for years. Blues, greens and beiges. And it is waaaay overdue for a change! I plan to paint the walls in a caramel color with white trim.

All my towels are old and shabby looking. And they are in the above mentioned colors. Now, don’t get me wrong, I would absolutely LOVE to go out and buy all new matching towels. But, that so ain’t happening! I just can’t afford it. So, I decided to start checking out the thrift stores. I want to go with all white towels. I have a thing about white linens. I love white sheets as well. Just being able to throw them all in one load of wash and bleach them if necessary makes me happy.

When Troy and at were at SA last week, they were having there regular “color” sticker 50% off but, they also were running a 25% off all linens. Obviously, I searched for the 50% off stickered towels and didn’t find any I wanted. But, I found some decently priced white towels.


I found 5 beautiful fluffy, in perfect condition white bath towels.


All of them DKNY! I paid $1.59 for each of them! I was so excited! Is it odd to get excited about thrifted towels? Probably but, after washing them and feeling how luxurious they are, I was very happy!


I also bought a few towels for my brother. He told me to keep an eye out for some. I picked up these beautiful buttery yellow ones for him.


Made by Ralph Lauren and only $1.99 each!  He was thrilled with them. He could care less about the fact that they are RL but, he was happy with the quality!

So, that was my happy thrifted finds for the week!

Linda and I are looking forward to seeing your thriftiness this week!


  1. I have surely never seen high end towels like that at the thrifts around here - you were sure at the right place at the right time!! Nice!

  2. Thanks for hosting. Getting a good deal on nice towels is always a WINNER!!!


  3. DiAnn and Linda,
    Nice towels!! Thanks so much for hosting!!


  4. Wow! Great deals on those towels Diann! Thank you ladies for hosting each week :-)

  5. Thank you for hosting. This is my first time linking here and I am your newest follower. So happy to have found you!!

  6. Thank you so much for hosting! You got some really great deals. Thanks for


  7. I'm excited! But then I love to find great bargains! Wonderful towels and a fabulous price!


  8. Great buy on your towels. Never find such great stuff in my area, love the lushness. Thanks for hosting.

  9. Your towel finds are so thick and fluffy. Luxury. Thanks for hosting, always a pleasure to join in.

  10. Thanks for the party! I love your thrifty towels! You can just tell they are high quality and super soft!

  11. You are so lucky to get these awesome finds. ENJOY!

  12. Great deal on those towels! Thanks for hosting once again.

  13. I can never find great bargains like that at our thrift stores. Thanks for hosting another inspiring party. Kathy

  14. Lucky you to find white towels in such great condition!!

    Good luck with your bathroom:-)



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