Pretend You Are Moving

Hi everyone!

Weird title for a blog post huh? Well, let me explain. I have several friends moving this summer. And I hear them talking about having to seriously edit all their things in order to move. A couple of the friends are here in real life (for  lack of a better description) and some of you online friends are also going through a major move. Take my friend Linda, she is downsizing like crazy and letting go of a lot of things.

So, moving has been on my mind lately. I’m not moving, although I wish I were. LOL But, it really got me to thinking about how much stuff I would have to box up and move.

So, in the spirit of all my friends who are moving, I decided to pretend I was moving to help me reduce all my things.

I am fortunate that all my lovely treasures were thrifted in the first place. So, now it is time for another thrifter out there to have the joy of finding them and using them!


I have been slowly decluttering and letting go of many things I didn’t think I would part with for several months now. But, the thought of moving just kicked it up a notch!


I was selling off dishes online but, the shipping costs are so high, I just didn’t want to deal with that anymore. So, as far as dishes go, I am just donating sets. I figure that I got them super cheap at thrift stores, why not let someone else find them and enjoy them as I have.


The one thing I am fortunate with is the fact that I don’t have an immediate time crunch so, I can really go through things. However, I don’t want that lack of a time table to deter me.


So, it is time to say goodbye to some old loved friends! I have to confess, I have been downsizing my treasures for months now and have been fine with it. However, donating my dishes is the hardest of all!


Everything will be donated to a local charity thrift store. I knew if I didn’t take them right away to the thrift store, I might doubt some of my decisions. I didn’t want to think about them too much so, off to the donation store I went!

2013-06-19 16_00_08

I just keep telling myself, “I had to do it! I need to let go!” LOL I wish I could say that I am all done with purging but that is so not true. One step at a time!

So, I guess you could say that today is about “reverse thrifting”.

How about you? Are you finding yourself over run with all your treasures?

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  1. Editing our collections and "stuff" is one of the hardest but most rewarding efforts in decorating. After 3 moves in 4 years...I have found I love the organized empty space more than my stuff. Great post!! :o)

  2. I like the 'reverse thrifting' as that is what I feel like I am doing also. I got them super cheap at the thrifts and so back they go to make some other person happy! Yes I see dishes in your stash I would love,lol, of course I do just like you see things in mine you would love. But letting go is good and moving has made me do it faster then I wanted to, but maybe that is a good thing also! Thanks for your support and downsizing with me!!


  3. Like that phrase you coined, "REVERSE THRIFTING."

  4. Such a good woman...I trouble letting go! Although most of my things are family pieces. I am sure someone will pick them up and feel just like you did the first time you found them as your treasure.

  5. I read somewhere that you should purge 7 things a day and paperclips count. I have tried to do that. I have already taken 2 bags to the thrift. Rule #1 is once in the bag I can not go through the bag before I take it to the thrift to sort again. So I have another bag going slow but sure wins the race with me.
    it is a great idea to pretend to move.

  6. SIGHHH...I am moving and boxing my china and crystal....not loving it!

  7. When we moved eight years ago, I got rid of SUV load after SUV load of stuff. Some that I really regretted later. So these days I'm careful about purging just for the sake of purging.

  8. Linda has inspired me to get rid of some dishes, too! It is hard to let some go, others I can't get them out fast enough.
    Have a great week, Diann...

  9. I alwaqys get rid of pretty stuff, even tablecloths, but to my daughters off they go, unless they don't like something, tan it goes to a lovely cleaning girl I have. I mostly do 'my moving' after C'mas.

  10. Hi Diann....Oh, I DEFINITELY need to purge but it's one of the areas in my life where PROCRASTINATION beats out ACTION.

    You and Linda are giving me inspiration, though. And I have the entire summer in which to just DO IT.

    You wouldn't believe the stuff I'll need to declutter. Unbelievable. Susan

  11. My motivation to purge is when one of my best friends is have a rummage sale for her son's orchestra group. He will be a Senior this coming school year, so I get I will need to find some other kind of motivation as there are only two more sales.

  12. How sweet of you to donate so many beautiful dishes! You will make some ladies very happy! I am planning to pretend I'm moving this summer while I'm off work and pare down my stuff as well. I can;t stand too much clutter and like you, most of my things came from thrifts and yard sales so there isn't an emotional attachment. That will make it easier...:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  13. I'm just afraid that when you run out of dishes to reverse thrift you are going to start on people. If anyone sees me at the thrift store, I hope they take me home and give me a good home...

  14. I am rearranging things in my kitchen and getting rid of a few things, too. It's not easy...but oh so necessary! Hugs!

  15. I am looking through things and trying to decide what I will really use. I love setting the table with pretty dishes but find that my cabinets are not so organized and therefore I don't use many of the dishes. I am going to take a closer look and keep my favorites, thanks for the inspiration.

  16. we are moving oh it's awful , but a roof is a roof , forced downsizing though I don't like . I'm holding on to every teacup with every ounce of my being. I don't care if I end up in only the clothes I have by jove I will have my tea in a teacup. Spoken like a woman in denial hey.


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