Long Day, I just Want to Eat!

Hi everyone!

I don’t know about you but, during the summer months this occurs a lot! We have had a long hard exhausting day and the last thing I want to think about is what to make for dinner. Since I know this is going to happen often, most of the time I really try to prepare ahead of time some quick easy meals. But, some days even that doesn’t work!

So, when the good folks at Kroger (via Bzz Agent) offered me the chance to review their fresh hot deli fried chicken, kettle chips and topping it off with an ice cold Coke, I said, “You bet!”

I am fortunate to be a major Kroger shopper. Our closest Kroger is 5 minutes away making it the “go-to” grocery store. And I have never had a bad experience with any Kroger brand products.


Okay, so on the way back from the farmers market I ran in to Kroger and grabbed the chicken, chips and a Coke.  In and out, that is all the strength I had left for prepping dinner.


Is is fair to review a food item when you are completely starved?

Of course it is!

We wolfed down  enjoyed our Kroger fried chicken! It really is delicious, fresh and crispy. The chicken is so moist and yummy.


Did you know that Kroger Deli chicken (fried, rotisserie or baked) is guaranteed hot and fresh every day from 11:00 am – 7:00 pm (some stores are even extended hours)? And they back up this guarantee! If it is not hot and fresh, you get your money back 100%, no questions asked!

Sometimes we don’t get home from the farmers markets until close to 9:00 pm and we will swing into Kroger and one of us will run in and grab one of the Kroger deli chicken and some kind of deli cold salad for dinner that night. I actually like cold fried chicken. It brings back childhood memories of my grandma making fried chicken and then packing it in a basket to take to the beach or when we would spend the day fishing.


No time or desire for any kind of fancy tablescaping tonight!


Just our everyday Dollar Tree white dinner plates.


The placemats were bought a couple of years ago from CTS (a whopping .69 cents each) and they are in my placemat/napkin drawer to be used throughout the summer. I hit on a big sale of bandannas a few years back and love to use them for summertime dining. They are big, wash up easy and are just fun. So, they get used almost every night at dinner.


Sometimes, dinner needs to be a no brainer, no work involved, no clean up and like this dinner, simple! You don’t even need to use any silverware!


What you don’t see is Troy standing off to the side waiting patiently to sit down and grab the chicken! I know there must be some other bloggers out there that hear, “No…no more pictures! Everything is fine. You got what you need for your post. I’m starving! I need to eat NOW!”

So, when you need dinner like NOW, head over and grab some fresh  Kroger Deli chicken. You will make your family so happy!

Now don’t tell anyone else but, I have been known, once or twice, to pick up some of Kroger’s chicken, put it on a platter, wrap it up and head over to a get together. Hey! Life gets busy and I don’t ALWAYS plan ahead. Winking smile


If you will excuse me, Troy is about to rip the camera from my hand so, I am going to eat now!


  1. I buy their chicken too for a quick meal. It really is good. Hugs, marty

  2. We live 50 miles from the nearest Krogers. :( I think Market Basket in Kinder, Louisiana has great fried chicken at a great cheap price. Linda

  3. I LOVE Kroger's. Dinner looks yummy.

  4. Kroger chicken is great and we do that a lot also!

    hugs, Linda

  5. I'll have to give it a try! Their fried chicken looked really good! Makes me wish I lived closer than 20 - 25 miles from Krogers!

  6. I don't have a Kroger near me. Wish I did!! We had that "exhaustive" day today, so we settled for a ham, lettuce, tomato sandwich with chips, and called it dinner!! Have a great Sunday!

  7. I also love Kroger products. We have one that is 2 miles from our house and another that is about 6 miles. Some years back, they remodeled the further" Kroger and it is wonderful to shop there. Unfortunately it is a direction I seldom go, although so close. The nearer one has NEVER been remodeled and it kinda natty looking. We lovingly refer to it as the "Ghetto Kroger." And, the produce there doesn't seem to be as fresh or plentiful as I'd like. So, I rarely purchase any there. Too bad, because everything else there is great! I often use the rotisserie chickens as quick meals too as well as to help along other easy meals. They make a quick and delicious dumpling soup, chicken salad, burrito fillings and more. And, yes, the fried chicken is yummy. Now, I might have to get some. You mad me hungry for it. So can tell Kroger your blog worked! LOL

  8. Looks delish to me, Diann. And I LOVE any kind of chips.

    Whaaaaa whaaaaaa we don't have a Krogers. But supermarkets around here have fried chickie so I'm not out of luck.

    Hope you have a nice weekend. And congrats on more than 50 participants for Thrifty Things Friday! Susan

  9. LOL - well you sure made it look like a special feast! I'm with you -- I hate cooking in the summer so I usually throw something on the grill when I get home from work. We have Jewel stores by us and they have great fried chicken too!

  10. Oh Diann, I love Kroger fried chicken (although it's not Kroger here, the ones here are part of the King Soopers arm of Kroger)!!! I need to pick some up the next time I go to the store for a quick and tasty dinner, like maybe tonight even ;-)


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