Blooming Flowers and Herbs

Hi everyone!

I know a lot of my friends in the South have been enjoying their blooming flowers for awhile now. But, here in SE Michigan, we haven’t had as much. We had two nights of frost in the past couple of weeks.


I think we are safe from frost now and the flowers are happily blooming!

catsMy purple Iris is proudly showing her blooms.

IMG_6238This is Comfrey, a classic medicinal herb, grown more commonly now for its’ flowers.  We still use it medicinally in our house.  The best medicinal value comes from the roots though, so we can just enjoy the flowers guilt free while it is in bloom.


I think this flower is called Wine and Roses. I don’t have any other info on it except that it is a perennial.


I haven’t planted these in years. And they just pop up all over my perennial flower bed.  They are one of my favorites, just because of the name. (Dianthus)


This is sage. We are letting it bloom so we can make a sage blossom Jelly. This will be our first time making this, hope it turns out well.


Another blooming herb is all our chives. We have already harvested a crop of chive blossoms and made vinegar. Now they are ready to be harvested again. Chive Blossom Vinegar is a top selling vinegar.


Another pretty blooming herb is Thyme.


I grow this herb just for the delicate pretty flowers. It is Spiderwort. I just transplanted this from one of our herb beds to it’s own pot.

As you can see, I have more blooming herbs than just blooming flowers. If you don’t grow herbs because you love flowers, think about planting some of these pretty blooming herbs. Not only do you get the beauty of the flowers but, you will love the scent that is released when the sun hits these plants!

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  1. Love your pretty purple iris. I love herb gardens and yours is wonderful. How nice to make flavored vinegars ... I bet they are popular! Have a lovely week.

  2. Gorgeous photos - I love the pretty summery colours and your lovely mosaic.

  3. My garden looks very similar to yours these days with the same flowers blooming. I love the volunteers that show up. It's how I have Columbine blooming out there. Isn't it wonderful to have the flowers back in our lives again?!

  4. Herbs & flowers are simply stunning! Nice photos!!

  5. Hello Diann
    We too are a little behind because of late frosts and too much rain without enough hot sun. Nice to see some of your garden blooms.
    Wine & Roses is a weigela shrub, one of the earlier dark leaved introductions and it remains a compact size.
    The one at the front of our place, I've never had to prune or shape - my kind of low maintenance shrub.

  6. I really need to plant some chives. Love your photos!

  7. It's so nice to learn the names of all the herbs and wildflowers. We had spiderwort blooming in Florida when we left! Sweet hugs!

  8. It has been a chilly spring here too. A beautiful and colorful post. Your flowers and photos are lovely! Have a happy week ahead!

  9. Diann they are all just so lovely! :)

  10. Such an added bonus when herbs bloom! I love the color of chive blossom vinegar!

  11. I love all the blooming herbs. My thyme is in bloom and the bees are buzzing all over it.
    Chive blossom vinegar is something new to me. Sounds lovely.

  12. I think I would really enjoy some blooming herbs! What a great post! Love your new header!


  13. So glad you are all getting a taste of summer...You all deserve it, what a crazy long winter you have had. I love growing my own herbs, the difference they make to food is incredible!


  14. Your herbs and iris and weigela are blooming beautifully! I find all the creative ways you use your herbs to be fascinating.

  15. Just beautiful photos, I never herd of Comfrey before. The chives are really gorgeous!


  16. Here in Chicago, things are just starting to take shape too! I just cut my first peonies which is late for us. I have chives and have NOT heard of chive blossom vinegar!! I will have to google it -- I love my chives and also love when they bloom but have never done anything but cut the blooms for small vases. Thanks for the information!

  17. This is so pretty! I am hosting a giveaway via Arcadian home on my blog. Do drop by and enter if you like it :) Looking forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas.


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