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Hi everyone!


Now that we are in the warmer months, this is the time of the year that folks like to “drop in” and spend some time just gabbing. Sitting outside and enjoying each others company is one of the best parts of summer!

I grew up where it was common practice to always offer guests something to drink or eat. It was just an automatic thing. I have never even thought of NOT offering. It is second nature.

I know there are so many amazing foodie bloggers, home makeovers with gorgeous perfect homes and bloggers sharing their beautiful items or porches/yards out there with us all. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them. LOL But, since I am The Thrifty Groove, I wanted to share some quick, easy and inexpensive hostess options.

Are you ready for some thrifty hostess tips?

First thing to always remember is, your guests are coming to visit you! Not your house and not for some over the top food and drinks or beautiful expensive serving pieces! They want to spend time with you! I used to have this real need to do everything perfectly. And I generally set myself up to feel inferior, just not good enough. Guess what happened with that attitude? I missed out on a lot of fun times and memories with friends and family!

In this post I thought I would talk about drinks.


We rarely have pop or cocktail fixins in the house so, that is never even a thought to me. Coffee & Tea, both hot or iced, are the normal things I have available. I try to keep lemonade of some sort on hand during the summer as well. However, a pretty pitcher of iced water is totally acceptable! I am a huge water drinker anyway and so are most people I know especially during the summer.


For me, the key is using special or pretty glassware and servers. I am a thrifter so, I always have fun kitchenware. It is my favorite thing to thrift!


And one of my favorites is my hobnail pitcher and glass set.


If you happen to have lemons, limes or cucumbers handy, slice them up and serve with iced water.


Or for me, since I grow herbs, I always have different fresh mints handy. Ta Da, instant special touch to the iced water.


Iced tea is in my fridge from about April until September since I brew almost 5 gallons every evening for the Farmers Markets.


Serve something as simple as iced tea in fun stemware. It just makes the whole visit feel special.


Using fun bright colors always sets a happy mood!


Why not surprise your guest with something unexpected?


Use a silly whimsical teapot to start a fun conversation when serving hot tea or hot coffee.


It will instantly bring a smile to your guests.


And don’t forget a pretty freshly cut vase of flowers always makes a table special. I didn’t have any of these beautiful Shasta Daisies but, I am lucky to have a friend who does! Katie from The Garden Hoard supplied these sweet daisies. Thank you Katie!

Everything here was either thrifted or free. So, don’t let not having the perfect, matching or expensive serving items stop you from making friends and family feel special when they visit. Just adding extra freebie or thrifted touches make serving something as simple as iced water fun.

Next post in this series, I will tackle having some simple and thrifted sweet treats to serve to guests.

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  1. I too used to worry about things being just so, but not any more. I now proudly serve up guests on my thrifted dishes...:)I love the variety of pitchers and ideas you shared....especially the hobnail!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  2. This is a great reminder that friends come to see you and not your 'stuff'!! I love serving lemonade, iced tea and water in the summer! So refreshing! Of course serving it in fun and thrifty glasses makes it all that much better! Love the daisies!


  3. I'd love to be your guest Diann! We have iced tea in the fridge year round just because we like it. I have never thought to serve ice water with cucumber slices! Perfect!

  4. I hear you, Diann! Fretting when company arrived was always my big downfall especially when the kids were growing up. Now, I try to have something ready in a pinch. Your thrifted things are so fun and would make hosting a lunch or snack a breeze! I really like your white hobnail! So happy you could join me for tea this week. Happy Summer, my friend!


  5. Very worthwhile points shared Diann. Unfortunately I'm still at the perfection stage, and yes I'm missing out.
    The hobnail pitcher and glasses look smart to use for cold drinks.
    I'm now following you on Bloglovin so I can continue reading your series.

  6. I always put a sprig of mint in my water or tea.

  7. I enjoyed your post, Diann. Love the "fun" stemware - it is adorable. Dr. Oz has talked about cucumber water. I've never tried it. I really like Orange and spice black tea - Lipton makes it as does Hy-Vee - I drink it iced. I tried your lemon verbena iced tea and enjoyed it as well. Great tips for entertaining! Thank you.
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  8. Great tips and photos! Your house sounds like ours...lots of tea and water. Your drinks trays are so green and white in Summer, so I really like the milk glass and cucumber pics.

  9. How beautiful! I love the peach glasses and orange scarf. What cheering colors and a delightful setting for a summertime tea or lemonade!

  10. I thrift bought a lemonade set in the winter with just this thought in mind! A simple, inexpensive drink is made special by serving it in vintage glassware. Great post!

  11. Fun post. Love your hobnail and the orange stem glasses. So many lovely things in this post. Have a lovely day!

  12. I, too, worry about every thing being perfect and I end up stresses myself out. I finally became aware of what I was losing out by being that way and am trying to be a "go with flow" type of gal! I love your hobnail set! Thanks for the lovely post!

  13. Thrifty, simple and fun. Love your presentation!

  14. Lovely thrifty ideas worthy of trying.

  15. Diann if I could I would come right over and share some of that great tea with you. I would get to also see some of your treasures.


  16. Love to see people with such a sense of style and hospitality!

  17. Thrifty but very pretty!...Christine

  18. Love that you stick to your guns and don't try and keep up with the jones'....because that's not who they're coming to see. I also loved your fresh mint idea, definitely will have to remember that!

  19. I love your vintage white pitcher and glasses. I agree, with a little time spent at yard sales and thrift shops it is easy and affordable to have these items available to entertain with, even if it is for a stop by of friends and family. For parties of my own I prefer to scout for the items/theme I wish to entertain with, it is half of the fun for me.
    Visiting from Common Ground today.
    Thanks for sharing.

  20. How much we forget it's not about the stuff... Hugs, Holly

  21. Love your trays, Diann...'specially the one done in orange and burlap.
    Have a great week...

  22. Very pretty Diann! I love the milk glass set! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  23. You've inspired me. You made water special! I've recently begun brewing tea for iced tea regularly. It's so much more refreshing than soda pop.

    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,



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