Thrifty Things Friday #109

Hi everyone!

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Awhile back, I completely scrubbed down the upstairs hallway, did a major decluttering of things I never thought I would part with and even took everything on the walls down and spackled all the holes.

I got it into my head that I was going to paint this area with a color that was our of my comfort zone. And what color would that be? Brown…a milk chocolate brown! Not a color I normally would think of for this space since it is a small interior space with no windows. But, the need for drastic change consumed me!


Okay, so I didn’t set out to buy brown paint, I just kept making the rounds at Home Depot and Lowes to check on their “Oops” paints and figured when I spotted something that clicked, I would get it and that would be the color of the hallway.


See, this is just one more reason why I am not one of the cool, awesome big bloggers out there! I love to visit all the amazing home decorating blogs. And they do beautiful makeovers after pouring hours into looking over different paint samples and decided on the perfect shade of off white. And of course, it always turns out perfectly wonderful.


Nope, not me! I let the marked down mistake paint guide me! LOL What's worse, is I blog about it and tell you all! I should be saying something like…”after consulting numerous paint samples and buying a few quarts of couple of different colors and painting areas on the wall and making sure I test it to show what it would look like when the sun hits it or in the evening glow of lamps…….” etc.

IMG_5791 The walls were a light blue with a tan trim color.


Now they are brown and white. I really like the way the color turned out. There are four different doors in this hallway space so, there is a lot of white trim to break up the brown.

Linda and I can’t wait to see what you have to share with us this week!


  1. I like your style my friend and your thrifty decorating ideas! I'm happy to link up and have some fun! Sweet hugs!!!

  2. The paint worked well in your space. I love finding oops paint to use. Thanks for hosting, both of you. Love thrifting.

  3. Mr. B heaves a heavy sign whenever we go to HD or Lowes. He knows I HAVE to check out the OOPS paint even though I have no place to store what I already have LOL! Thanks for hosting ladies! I've got the new Dynamic Duo button placed on my sidebar :-)

  4. I like that paint, it looks nice. Thank you for the party again this week, lovely ladies. Big hugs,

  5. Great deal on paint! Score! Thanks for hosting!

  6. That is a great price for paint! Thank you for hosting!

  7. Actually REALITY is more fun on a blog, hands down :)

  8. That's the way to pick a paint color. I really like it and what a bargain too. Thanks so much for hosting.

  9. Like how you think! We once painted our garage with a mix of returned marked down paint. The color ended up a bluish gray so worked out fine. Love your brown, just painted our living room a similar color. :) Pam

  10. Thank you for hosting Diann...wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    XO Barbara

  11. What a great makeover!! I love that you picked up oops paint for your project. How thrifty of you!! ;D

  12. Love the paint! Love this party!
    Thank you oodles!

  13. I would have a general color in mind, but like you, price would sway me. And the results look fabulous! You are a trend setter, not a follower.

    Yard sale season has now begun and yesterday was one of those amazing days when I found something on my wish list. I will share soon.

  14. The word declutter is ringing through my house, I am trying to downsize

  15. Great find on the paint! I keep an eye on the "oops" paints too - also at ACE hardware, Lowes, etc...

    Thank you for your party! Have a great weekend!

  16. Diann I really love that color! Oops paint is the only way to go! You are so thrifty!!


  17. Thanks for hosting this party. So fun to see all the talent and all the re-purposing that goes on. Thanks again. Karie

  18. Love the paint job and yes, I do find that i am always checking the Ooops! Paint section!! LOL!!

    Thanks so much for hosting!!


  19. Love that color! My Mom is really good about scoring great deals in the Oops section. I never remember to run over to that section when we are there.


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