Thrifty Things Friday #108

Hi everyone!

Well, I have some fun news. TTF has a Co-Host now! Woohoo!

TTF CoHost 1

My friend Linda over at A La Carte will be co-hosting TTF with me! I am so excited to share this party with Linda. Especially since this party was passed to me a couple of years ago from Linda!

So, why the change? As you know, I am going into a very busy time of the year. I was talking to Linda and told her I was thinking about either stopping this party or putting it on hiatus for the summer.

I just don’t have the time to visit all you amazing people who link up each week. And since I strongly believe in visiting my party guests, I thought it would be rude to continue on and not give each of you the time you deserve. 

In comes Linda to the rescue!

Linda will be the one mostly visiting each of you. She is such a gracious host! We will still have the linky party here. So, that won’t change. And I will try to visit as often as possible. I miss my weekly fix of all of your wonderful thriftiness!!

PicMonkey Collage99A

So, I hope you all will welcome Linda! You can visit her at her blog A La Carte!

Okay, on to a little thriftiness of my own!

Last month I posted on Facebook the coupon for a free 8 oz. sample of the new Spring Valspar paint.

IMG_5741I took my coupon over to Lowe’s and picked out a color I wanted.

IMG_6009This is a really nice size sample especially if you got it to do a few little projects. I picked out Leather Satchel. 


I have had this cheapo clock for years. I bought for .50 cents at a yard sale. I liked it because it is simple and easy to read. I decided to paint it.


First I carefully roughed it up a bit with sandpaper so the paint would stick.


I put the first coat on it and let it dry before applying the second coat of paint to it.

While I waited for that to dry, I ate a free little snack I picked up on the way home from Lowe’s


Oh how I love FREE!

Once it completely dries, I will take a q-tip and clean around the edges of the glass. If the paint is stubborn, I will dip the q-tip in fingernail polish remover to help get rid of excess paint.


Super easy….Super quick …..and FREE!

Let’s see what you have to share this week


  1. Oh wow, look at that great paint! The clock is gonna look great! Happy Mother's Day sweet lady. Thank you again for the fun party!

  2. Thanks for hosting each week, Diann. I am glad that you aren't going to abandon this fun meme...thanks Linda for taking over during Diann's busy season!

  3. I am familiar with Linda's blog too ! :) THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BEING A GRACIOUS HOSTESS, DIANN! :)

  4. Thank you for hosting! I will be looking forward to joining Linda again too!~

  5. Two wonderful ladies hosting one of my very favorite parties! Woot! Thanks gals!

  6. The clock is easy to read indeed. The paint work turned out very nicely.

  7. Great news that Linda's going to co-host, Diann. She's a sweetheart. Love your posts. Susan

  8. What fun! Linda is such a sweetheart and always enthusiastic! I love your thrifty finds. I thought of you spiderwort is blooming! Sweet hugs!

  9. Hi Diann and Linda. Good stuff. Thanks for hosting. Both of you have a great week.

  10. Diann, You have been thru so much you deserve a break. Linda we love and we appreciate the two of co-hosting.
    Love to you both, Ginger

  11. Great idea to have a co-host! Nice job on the clock too-- it is nice to have a clock that's easy to read, isn't it?

  12. Diann,
    Glad to see you are taking a break and Linda, glad to have you hosting this week!!


  13. What a fun party-glad to be joining you lovely ladies-going to look around now!
    Sweet Hugs!

  14. i love linda, and i'm so glad she's helping you out here. i got that paint sample, too, and i linked up my terra cotta pot that i painted with it! but i didn't have any free guac, what's up with that?! lol.

  15. Thank ou for the party! I used to own a catering company called A la Carte! Will visit there now! :)

  16. Love the free clock makeover! It's much more appealing to look at now, isn't it?

    Diann we will miss you but are so happy to have Linda here!


  17. Great project and how wonderful it took almost no cost - including snack time!

    Yipee- two of my favorite bloggers teamed up!
    This is the official start to yard sale season here and I look forward to sharing my best finds soon.

  18. Nice color, Diann! And hooray for your new host, Linda!....Christine

  19. Sounds like a great partnership! Thanks to both of you for hosting the party!!!

  20. I'm so happy to join you for TTF Diann! I love how you changed this clock and now it looks awesome!



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