Just a Simple Tip

Hi everyone!
As most of you know, I love teacups, teapots and pretty much anything tea related. And I like to use different teacups and teapots. They aren’t just for show.
Things get dusty when they sit on shelves. That is just reality for everyone. And cleaning the outside of a teapot is easy. It just gets dusted regularly like everything else. But, I don’t like the dust to get inside the teapot! I want is ready when I want to use it.
This is my little tip for you today. I started doing this years ago when I collected more teapots and like using different ones.
I take a small piece of paper towel and shove it in the spout. This keeps dust from getting inside.
And if you snip off the paper towel you don’t notice that it is there.
Just a easy tip. Smile


  1. Thanks for a marvelous tip! I have quite a collection of teapots and you can bet they will all be wearing bits of paper toweling. Do you mind if I pin this to my Tea and Crumpets board on PInterest?

  2. Great tip and good to know, I'll have to do this.

  3. I have many many many teapots, and this is an amazingly good idea.

    Be sure to go to Stonegable's Tips and Tidbits linky party and share this. Sheesh I feel dumb not ever thinking of it. ALWAYS have to rinse and rinse when I change my teapot out. Thank you!

  4. This is a fabulous tip and a great idea!

  5. Hi Diann...Good idea The spout on my tea pot must be filled with dust by now. It's been on top of the fridgie for ages. ha haha Susan

  6. So smart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!

  7. Genius Diann! Thanks for the tip :-)

  8. Easy but a good one! I've enjoyed looking through your blog. Check out Sunshine PenPals and join the fun, we'd love to have you!

  9. Diann,
    This is a great tip!! I now have to pull down all my tea pots from their shelves and do this!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments!!



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