Do You Decorate With Things You Use?

Hi friends!

As you know, I try to decorate with things I already have. And I really try to decorate with things that I use. I just don’t have space to store a lot of things so, using them in a double duty capacity is kind of necessary.

The shelf in the dining room on the brick wall has been kept pretty simple and the same for most of the winter.


Just a couple of teapots and a little picture.

Now that warmer months are here, I like to bring out white accents to keep spaces inside a little cooler.

Since I use this vintage hobnail milk glass set throughout the summer for iced tea, I thought I would use it also for decorating this shelf. That way it is always handy.


I was so excited when I found this complete set at an estate sale last summer. I had been on the look out for a set for years that I could afford.


I thought I might like that way. But, nope.


I am going to let this stay for a couple of days and see if I like it. I wish I could do something with the brick wall but, unfortunately I don’t own it and I don’t think the people who do would let me tear it down! LOL

Do you try looks out? Live with a decorated shelf or table top for a few days and then find yourself completely changing it?

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  1. I love the white hobnail pitcher set, what a fabulous find and it looks amazing on the shelf. Great idea. Thanks also for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  2. Wow, I really love that milkglass set. It is beautiful and you were fortunate to find the complete set. xoGinger

  3. Oh Diann, you know I do~decorate and live with it, change it, tweak it. Then change it again!! That hobnail set is gorgeous and I love that it's not a huge pitcher. Wishing you a wonderful week!

  4. The milkglass set is gorgeous, I have nonelike this...umm, gonna check next time. Yes, I use most of the things that are displayed in my kitchen and even laundry room. I also use some in the dining room, formal and breakfast one. Have a great week.

  5. Love the pitcher and cups. LOVELY.

  6. Love the milkglass. I have a collection but my set is a little different from that. Great way to decorate with what you already have :)

  7. I love decor that I use. Change my dining room table and sideboard weekly. Love your milkglass set as well. White is so pretty and fresh

  8. It does not take much to make things look different and pretty.

  9. I do love to decorate with items I already have, I don't purchase much in the retail shops at all, I do yard sale though.....
    When I chat with friends about decorating I just say, look in your cupboards you will find things to decorate with in those places.
    One item can have many different uses and be moved from one place to another, I like that.
    Thanks for sharing your milk glass collection, looks great there to me!


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