Dinner For One Please!

Hi everyone!

Troy was at seminar tonight and will be having dinner there so, it was just me for dinner tonight.


Dinner for One Please

Since tonight it is just me, I planned on fixing a grilled cheese sandwich, simple salad and a bowl of soup. And I was going to grab a tv tray and head into the living room to eat.


I decided to set a pretty place for one.


I am still fixing just sandwich, salad and soup but, I am eating here at the table and instead of watching tv, I am going to pop a book on tape in and listen to it. It’s kind of like listening to the radio back in the day.


A small simple teapot to enjoy some hot tea while listening to the story. for those interested, I’m listening to Janet Evanovich’s Sizzling Sixteen. I love this series. Troy has read all of them to date and I am catching up.


I am using my matching mug for tea.



I bought this set piece by piece at TJ Maxx as I found them on clearance. They are used daily and one of my all time favorite set of dishes! I remember watching one of the “Real Housewives….of wherever” a year ago and seeing these dishes displayed in one of their kitchen.


Iced tea

Thank you for joining me for dinner! You can stick around and listen to the rest of the book if you want. I’ll set another place! Smile

I’m joining:

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  1. Beautiful table for one, I love those dishes such pretty colors. Hope you enjoyed your time to yourself. Have a great weekend.


  2. I love to see you treating yourself to a nice dinner for one place setting! I love Janet Evanovich and I have read all her books!! Everything looks so sweet!


  3. I love those dishes, they are so bright and cheery. Enjoy your alone time...we sometimes don't realize we really need it every once in awhile.

  4. Oh I love those dishes too and your setting for "One" is gorgeous. Isn't it nice to just pamper yourself a little bit and have a lovely dinner and listen to a good tape. Dinner sound wonderful too and the soup does look so good. Hugs, Marty

  5. Dinner will be delightful served on those lovely plates.

  6. What a great thing to do for you! I"m gonna have to do this for me too! I love your dishes!!!

  7. This makes me want to find pretty tea sets. LOVE this! I hope it was a great dinner!!

  8. It makes the meal so special to set such a pretty table, even if it is only for one!

  9. Lovely table. I should start using more of my dishes to set the table pretty like that. I too love to listen to books, but usually while driving or sewing.

  10. Gorgeous dishes! I love the unique shape.

  11. Your dishes are pretty, Diann, and your soup looks really good. I wonder what kind you're having. That is a cute little teapot you found. I love sitting quietly with a little pot of tea. It's one of my favourite ways to relax at home. I'm so happy to have you join me for tea this week. Have a beautiful day!


  12. Hi Diann, isn't it nice to set a pretty place just for oneself?? We all deserve that! I love your pretty dishes and the lemon verbena ice tea sounds delicious. I've never had that, but it sounds refreshing.

  13. I like your colourful plate and mug and how you've made a nice table setting for yourself. Like Kitty has said, we deserve to treat ourselves!

  14. Love the table for one and your idea of listening to a book tape sounds fun for a change. Your cute teapot is wonderful for a special tea. Your iced tea glass with the lemon verbena looks great for the warm weather. Have a great week!


  15. Lovely colours here.
    Beautiful shots!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

    Greetings from Singapore...

  16. Hello Diann, my new tea cup friend. It's so nice to see you treating yourself with lovely china when it's just you for supper. That happens round here quite a bit with me in Vancouver and Robert in England and the two of us apart for half the year. I love your sunny yellow colours. They are enough to brighten anyone's supper for one. :)

  17. Hi Diann, I think it's lovely that you set the table so nicely for just you. We deserve to pamper ourselves. Your dishes are pretty. Thank you for your visit and comment. Blessings, Pamela

  18. Your table for one is so pretty, and how wonderful that you took the time to do something nice for yourself when it was "just you" for the evening. We always do the nice things when we have others to "do for", but so often don't do nice things for ourselves. Take care - Dawn


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