Changes in Following Blogs

Hi everyone!


Did you know that Google is eliminating Google Reader by July 1st? I know, we just get nice and settled into a particular way of keeping up with our favorite blogs and now it is being taken away from us.

After checking out a lot of the blogs I read, I noticed that Bloglovin seems to be the most popular choice to switch to. I looked into Bloglovin a couple of weeks ago and was so happy to see how easy it is. So, I added The Thrifty Groove to the list and transferred my blog reading list.

It was super easy with no hoops to jump through. The only problem is many of you aren’t signed up so, I don’t get your daily feed.

I have them send me a daily email with my Bloglovin summary for that day so I can get caught up with everyone each night.

I hope you will check it out and join Bloglovin! I miss so many of you!

You can follow me by checking my Bloglovin button on my sidebar. If you already follow this blog and you sign up and upload your reading list, I will automatically be added to your list.

UPDATE: Since IGoggle homepage is going away soon too, what do you use and recommend as a homepage? I have used igoogle and now have to figure out a new homepage. I really don’t like change! LOL

I assume since Google reader is going away, it won’t be available in any form. I just really don’t know. I am so not a techie person.


  1. I'm just using Blogger as is. Do I need to switch too?

  2. I have always read my blogs from my Dashboard. Do you know if that will go away when Reader is eliminated?? I also have several on my blog sidebar that I follow.

    Jocelyn @

  3. I have heard that Google will go away, does anyone know if that is true?

  4. IGoogle is going away from what I hear and I don't have another homepage selected yet either. I did switch over to Bloglovin and like it. Not sure why Google is making these changes. Might be they are going to launch another 'product'....we shall see. Even with my inside info I don't know much.
    hugs, Linda

  5. I just found you from Susan's Writing from the Heart site. Techie challenged here too. I don't even know what IGoogle is. Have added you to my Bloglovin' and Feedly.

  6. Diann, I am just waiting to hear that blogger is also going away or they will begin to charge us. Just crazy. I am signed up to "Blogloving" I will join on your site just make sure I get your posts.
    Please come by and sign up on mine as well. xo Ginger

  7. Great, it said I was already following. That must have happened automatically when I merged my Google reader. I am not techie either. xo


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