Thrifty Things Friday #105

Hi everyone!
I have been busy “Spring Flinging” around here at Casa Chaos! And one of the areas that I recently tackled was my closet and dresser.
I pulled out anything wintery that I did not wear this past year (excluding a couple of dressier items) and decided that since I didn’t wear them, they aren’t needed and are just taking up valuable space. So they went into the Donate Bag.
I pulled out all my Summer clothes and checked to make sure they fit and were in good repair. After all that flinging I discovered that I had little to no summer clothes left! And warmer weather has finally come to Michigan.
Here is a bit of shocking news for you. I haven’t been thrifting since February! I even threw out a 50% off total purchase coupon for Value World! GASP!!! The only shopping I have done has been grocery shopping and a couple of Home Depot visits.
Why you ask? Two reasons. 1.) I didn’t want to spend any money and 2.) I am trying to get RID of things.
Well, I knew I had an April 50% off coupon for Value World so, I decided to go there and ONLY look for Capri pants and shorts. Pants are always harder for me to find than tops.
This was going to be a BIG test of willpower for me. To JUST shop for pants and not look around the store!
I will have you know, I did it!! I only shopped for and bought pants! Woohoo Diann!!
One of the bad points for Value World is they do not have fitting rooms. Knowing that, I wore leggings to the store so I could try pants on over them. Even though I tried to stay out of everyone’s way, it just got too frustrating so I decided to just buy quite a few pants knowing that some would not fit and I would either give them to someone of re-donate them.
IMG_5736I came home with 16 pairs of capris and 6 pairs of shorts. I tried each of them on and they ALL  fit and looked nice! Holy cow that NEVER happens!
I removed all the tags and off to the washing machine they went! As you can see from the price tags above, prices were very low to start out with.
My grand total for 16 pairs of capris and 6 pairs of shorts……$25.60!
Not bad!
Let’s get on with the party! Show me you thriftiness!
I'm linking up with my friend Holly for Tickled Pink!


  1. Oh my word, that is amazing. Now you really have a nice wardrobe for summer. If I loose a little weight, then I will too. lol Thanks tons for hosting. Hugs, Marty

  2. that is absolutely awesome!!! :) Happy Thursday to you ! :)

  3. Diann, it's a good thing you got that closet cleaned out so you will have room for all the new pants you just bought! I have a harder time finding shirts that fit decent than I do pants...
    Thanks for hosting each week.
    Have a great weekend...

  4. Diann, thanks so much for hosting! Hope you're having a great week!

  5. Holy smokes you really scored! YAY!!!

    Thanks for hosting a great linky party!

  6. I hope you've been having a nice week! I am enjoying my grandgirls, so I'm pleasently very busy!! Thank you for hosting this great party. Big hugs,

  7. What a lot of thrifty clothes! Thank you for hosting!

  8. Wow!! You got the mother lode for sure!!
    I felt good stopping by the SA store the other day and finding a pair of like new black Land's End dress slacks for $4.99 and having them fit perfectly. I always have to hem something. Yay!

  9. Wow can you ever find good bargains.Congrats. Thanks for hosting, have a great week.

  10. Very clever to wear leggings and try the pants overtop. What a bargain you got on all those clothes. GREAT deal. GOOD job.

  11. Good for you! What a great deal. :-) Thanks so much for hosting, Diann.

  12. Awesome deals!! I can't wait to get out there and thrift store shop next weekend!!!

  13. Super shopper Diane. Good for you! Thanks for hosting.

  14. Oh man, Diann. Wish we had a Value Village around here (but we don't). That was a great bargain to get all those pants. You are all set for the summer! Take care. Susan

  15. Why haven't I ever thought of wearing leggings to try things on? That is a wonderful idea, thanks for sharing it! You really scored. I can never find many things in my size at the thrift, but always look. I'm also in the process of doing my closet "season switch-clean out", so thanks for inspiring me. :) Pam

  16. Wow! I need to find a Value Village near me. How fun to get an entire summer wardrobe for less than what you'd probably pay for one pair of capris at full price. laurie

  17. Diann,
    WOW!! All that for only that amount is amazing!! As I continue to lose weight, I know I will need to buy quite a few clothes because I did get rid of all my "skinny" clothes many years ago. I will definitely be checking out the Thrift stores and seasonal clearance sales when I do have to buy a new wardrobe.

    Thanks so much for hosting!!


  18. You did well! I have never bought clothes at a thrift, just dishes!
    I have donated bags and bags, like you!
    Thanks for hosting, I have to come back and link up.

  19. Score!

    I have purchased quite a few "new" pair of shorts for myself and Maddie this year from the thrifts. It's so exciting when you find a brand name for a tiny fraction of the price & THEY FIT!!


  20. I can so relate to the decluttering. I've been working on that myself. I actually have a few more things ready to take TO the thrift. The trick will be coming home without something FROM the thrift.

    Fabulous buy on those shorts! You do find the best deals!


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