Thrifty Things Friday #103

Hi friends!

As many of you that read my blog on a regular basis already know, I am taking a “partial” break from blogging. You can read about it here.

But, TTF will continue. I hope you all will visit each other because for the time being I am not spending very much time online and won’t be doing a lot of visiting for awhile.

Today I am sharing thrifted paper products with you.


We don’t use a lot of paper products on a daily basis. We use regular dinner plates and cloth napkins (I keep a basket of everyday cloth napkins in my kitchen). I know I am supposed to say I don’t use them for ecological reasons. Which in part is true. My main reasons are simply because it is not thrifty and it fills my trash up to quickly. And I honestly prefer real dishes and napkins.


However, with all that said, I just love the beautiful designs they have come out with for everyday settings. It used to be just holidays and birthdays but, now they make gorgeous paper products for everyday.


I know you are looking at all of these products and thinking, “Okay, even if Diann bought these all at the dollar store, that is still a lot of money!”. Right? Well, first off, I didn’t purchase any of them. My mom bought them all for me. Second, every package was .25 cents or under.


And it’s not all napkins and plates. There are serving dishes and tablecloths as well.


Every Fall my dad and brothers head out for their hunting trip. As soon as they leave, my mom heads across the state to visit with her best friend for their own “hunting trip”. They shop until they drop! One of the stores they go to is a huge paper product outlet. My mom buys all of her seasonal paper goods there and gets me a ton of fun paper products as well.

One of the things she keeps in mind when she shops for me is we use these items at events that our business attends. So, we go through a lot of plates and napkins sampling our products at shows. And it is so much nicer to offer a sample on a pretty paper plate that a regular white plate. We often use the tablecloths and the serving pieces as well. We can have a little fun and not break the bank.

My mom has a great time hunting for these little treasures as much as I look forward to the surprise bags she brings home to me! It’s like Paper Product Christmas!!


Okay, let’s get on with the party! I have plenty of paper plates and napkins for everyone. Who is bringing the cheese ball? And more importantly, who is bringing dessert!! Smile


  1. I just wanted to say I am glad you are continuing TTF while you scale back your other time on your blog. You have created a nice gathering space for bloggers to find others with similar interests. You shouldn't feel you have to interact with each participant. Thank you for hosting, and I am truly sorry for your recent loss.

  2. Paper plates are so pretty ...I use them all the time! Thanks for hosting this week...hugs, Penny

  3. The only decorated paper plates I get are at Christmas and New Years. So you have quite the collection for everyday use. Your mom gets kudos for knowing what you need.

  4. I have never really took much notice of paper products, you sure do have a pretty stash of them!! They have come a long way from plain white...

  5. I read about the loss... so sorry for you and your friend's family :(

  6. Great paper finds. Thank you for hosting, love joining in.

  7. I guess we know you took lessons from the pro...your mother got fantastic deals on those paper products!
    Thanks for hosting each week...even those you don't really feel like thoughts are still with you and your friends on their loss.

  8. Diann,
    Thanks so much for hosting even in your time of sorrow....


  9. I would love some of these paper products for a quarter! I use real plates and cloth napkins mostly also but it's fun to have them for parties! I will be back tomorrow with a post to link up.

  10. Those are great bargains, so helpful of your mom!

    So sorry about your friend, I have his family in my prayers.

  11. These are fantastic!!! I love the beautiful colours! : D


  12. FUN! That the way to do it! :)

    Thank you for hosting.

  13. How sweet of your mom to pick out those special things for you! I'm so sorry about your friend. That is so young.

    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  14. Oh! goodness, how sad, such a young person! Your mother is wonderful for picking those gorgeous bargains for you!! Thank you for hosting. Enjoy your weekend.


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