Hi dear friends,

This morning, it breaks my heart to say, a friend of ours passed away. Mikko, a sweet man, father and husband to one of my very best friends lost his struggle with cancer. He was 35 years old.


My heart is heavy with sadness for this family.

I will continue TTF parties and I will probably schedule a few reruns here at TTF. But, I am taking some time away from blogging to be available for my friend and to come to terms with this loss. 

I feel the need for some inner reflection of my own.

I won’t be linking to any parties or responding to comments. I just need to step away for a little while.

I hope you will join me and say a prayer for my friend Nicole and her two young daughters.

Thank you everyone.


  1. Your friend has my deepest sympathy and so do you.

  2. Diann,
    You and your friend's family are in my prayers... I am so very sorry for your loss...

    Many Hugs,

  3. I'm so sorry for the loss of your handsome and young friend. My heart goes out to the beautiful family he leaves behind. Very sad indeed! Big hugs to you too.

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you guys can find strength in each other.

  5. So sorry for your loss Diann...death of some-one you love makes you reflective...I haven't posted it on my blog...but my father is very close to it with terminal cancer and I'm struggling. xx

  6. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. You are a kind friend to take time off to be with your friend during this sadness. She's lucky to have you.

  7. How sad...a young life cut short. My sympathy to you and prayers for your friend and her family. Pam

  8. Diann I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. So sad! Let me know if you need any help with the TTF party! I will be glad to make sure all are visited. Such a loss, keeping Nicole and her family in my prayers.

    hugs, Linda

  9. So sorry for the loss of your friend. Your friend is blessed to have you. I will keep this family in my prayers.....

    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  10. Hi Diann,
    I just found your wonderful blog, and I am so sorry for your sadness and loss. My prayers are with you and your friend and families! May God watch over you and give you the strength to carry on. Blessings,

  11. I am so sorry for the loss of your young friend, Diann. I will keep his family in my prayers, as well as you and yours.

  12. I am so very sorry for your loss. It is so sad when anyone passes but a young man with a family is even worse. I will be praying for you and his family.


  13. So sorry about the loss of your friend. I am playing his family. You take the time you need. When you decide to come back we will be here. I continue to pray you and your sweet family, Blessings, Ginger

  14. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend and for his family. Times like this -- you must get your priorities in order, and I have to say that blogging is probably on the bottom of the list. I think you have it right.

  15. I missed this post somehow, take care, Diann..

  16. My deepest condolences to your dear friend, Diann, and to you. Susan


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