I Scrubbed All the Floors~I Need Cake!

Hi everyone!
If you are a friend on Facebook you know that I have been delving into some major decluttering, Spring cleaning, getting things around home all freshened up, organizing and getting ready to start some projects.
One of this weeks chores was …floors!
Normally I use a Bissell Steam Mop on my non-carpeted floors.
This little baby is probably one of my favorite household tools.
As you can see, it gets a lot of use. I love to steam clean my floors. It doesn’t take any special cleaning solution, just water. I generally put some Pine Sol down on the floor and then just steam mop away.
But, this week I did the whole deep cleaning on the floors. You know the kind of cleaning I am talking about….down on your hands and knees scrubbing those tight corners, baseboards, toe kicks, around the appliances. The kind of cleaning the reminds you very quickly that you are no longer in your 20’s or  30’s!
Yup, I ended the day wondering if I was every going to stand straight again!
So, of course the only thing that would help was………….CAKE!
One piece of gingerbread cake left (BTW, I substituted 1/3 a cup of applesauce for 1/3 of the water. So yummy!). No need for a plate. I’m just going to eat from the dish!
A much needed cup of coffee and a fork and I am all set!
How often do you do the dreaded hands and knees scrubbing the corners of your floors?
A little tip:
It helps if you have cake waiting for you when you are done! Smile


  1. I don't do it often enough I will tell you that.
    Looks like a great treat. I raked all day monday I thought I would never use my arms again.

  2. Gingerbread cake sounds delicious. I unfortunately didn't have any when I hauled boxes out of the attic bedroom.

  3. Oh Diann.....My floor corners and crevices NEED a deep cleaning so badly but I don't do it. I think if I got down there, I'd never get up again.

    You were do dedicated to do that. Good for you. You DESERVED that gingerbread, girl. Susan

  4. the perfect incentive...something home baked after a big project...my hubby doesn't see me clean the corners so he probably thinks they get clean with just the mop...love eating from the pan...I'm with you...why dirty another dish. I just bought a steam mop and in the process of removing wax buildup of 12 years on vinyl in the kitchen. It will remove it but it requires patience and a few moppings.
    Hope you have a really great day!

  5. Can I just have the cake and skip the hands and knees part??? I get down there and can't get back up!

    hugs, Linda

  6. I do that deep cleaning every few weeks. With two pups you have too. Glad you took some time for cake....LOL.


  7. Hey Diann; You are better than I am about scrubbing floors!!!!! You deserve a trophy, a gold medal, and several Cakes!!!! lol!!
    Take Care :-)


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