Thrifty Things Friday #101

Hi Friends!
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Like any other girl, I love clothes! And I have a pretty good size wardrobe. However, I can count on one hand how many items of clothing I have bought regular retail in the last 2 years. Yup, my wardrobe it thrifted.
I think about 40% of the clothes that I have thrifted still had the original retail tags on them. I have a closet full of designer pieces that I normally would never have even thought to purchase because of price. The most expensive piece of thrifted clothing that I have purchased was a brand new Michael Kors top which I paid $3.74 which is a lot for me. I shared that with you back on this post.IMG_4519_thumb
Recently I found a new wool coat. I fell in love with the green color because I didn’t have any coats that color. And I liked the simple style of it.
If you look closely at the sleeve there are a couple of spots on it. They looked like a coffee stain.
This is the reason this coat was at the thrift store.
So it was marked at $3.50. I had a 50% off coupon so, I paid $1.75.
A trip to the cleaners and $3.25 later, the coat looks brand new! So, I have a new coat for a grand total of $5.00!
How about you? Do you thrift clothes?
Okay, time to share your thriftiness with us!


  1. Oh yes I do and LOVE it!!! Awesome deal on the coat.


  2. I LOVE to go thrifting. It's the thrill of the hunt and what you ultimately find that is so rewarding.

  3. Thrifting is my favorite thing to do! That coat was a steal -- how great is $1.75 for a new coat!? I am new to your blog -- off to check out more of your great finds. I just came back from GW and a local thrift store with a few bags of things to use and make over -- so much fun!

  4. Hi Diann, that coat is awesome! I only recently started shopping for clothes at thrift stores, and I was amazed how many good quality pieces one can find there.
    Thank you for hosting the link party. I'm joining it with a list of ten Mother's Day crochet gifts.

  5. I love thrifting. Always a search to find something unique or useful. Excellent buy on your green coat. Thanks for hosting.

  6. Thanks for hosting / love the rich color of the sweater in that first photo!

    I recently picked up some spare clothes for the grandkids at the thrift store ( I usually just go there looking for dishes and such and this time when I perused the clothes I was amazed...Nike, Gap, etc )

    So now I'll go there first versus Target, lol! :)

  7. DiAnn,
    I love the color of that coat and what a buy!!

    Thanks so much for hosting!!


  8. Hi Diann...Your coat will be perfect for spring!

    I definitely find many of my clothing items in thrift stores. I go for the ones where clothes are color coordinated and clean.

    I always, always wash everything first, before I wear items, even if the tags are still attached. I'm very grateful for thrift store clothes shopping! Susan

  9. Wonderful thrift, my friend, specially in the coat..just great! Thank you for hosting this terrific meme. Big hugs,

  10. I have not had time for much thrifty shopping lately, actually I have not done any shopping. It is fun to see what you have found, my wardrobe could use a little boost, I will have to get out there.

  11. That is a fabulous deal on the coat! Pretty color too. I do like to check out thrift stores for clothes!

  12. I bought a winter coat at Goodwill and paid $3.50 for it. It needed 2 buttons which I was able to find at Joannes. I love that coat.

  13. Great deal on that coat! I love my local Goodwill. I always find great things there.

  14. Gotta love a good thrift store! Congrats on a great deal on the coat. Love it! Also thank you for hosting the linky party. Catherine (new follower)

  15. Diann, you did fantastic on that gorgeous coat...I love thrift stores! I have found lots of brand new names that I can't afford retail for almost nothing.
    Thanks for hosting each week.

  16. Love that coat! I bet that color looks great on you! I do thrift for clothes! I not sure how much, but a large portion of my wardrobe is thrifted. In fact I just purchased two tops on 1/2 price at the thrift here in TX this week! Thanks for hosting this best and most fun party! I'll be back tomorrow with a post!

    hugs, Linda

  17. Hi's my first time liking up! I am an avid thrifter just like you! I hate paying retail prices for anything and I too buy used clothing. It is amazing what you can find...just like you said! Thanks for hosting and do stop by for a visit sometime!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  18. Gorgeous coat!! Thanks for the party. I've just posted this week's Homemaking Linkup and would love to have you join, if you'd like.

    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  19. Awesome coat Diann!!! Yes, I really have a hard time shopping at regular stores anymore... most of my wardrobe is thrifted too... my favorite shirts are even from the MEN'S department at Value Village - big comfy plaid flannel that I LIVE in on the weekends.

    And this week I donated five large bags from my closet to Goodwill that no longer fit or I know I won't wear anymore. That feels great to be on the other side of thrifting too - donating back! ;)

    Thanks for hosting once more - I am glad to be able to participate again this week!

  20. I have bought a lot of thrifted clothes. However often there is a smell I can't get out of the fabric no matter what I try and it gives me a headache :( so I've backed off the used clothing. Wish there was a solution to that!

  21. I don't usually look at the clothes in the thrift shop. I am retired so jeans and a sweatshirt get me through winter days at home!
    Great buys, DIann, thanks for hosting.

  22. Great, great finds! I love Michael Kors and while I usually wait until it's on sale, I end up spending a lot more than you paid!

  23. Yes, I thrift clothes! I am very picky but, I find nice things even in our small town. Last thing I got was a cashmere scarf (muffler) for winter in the Burberry plaid for $1.25. It was on clearance! Thanks for hosting! Nice finds you have.

  24. Great deal on the coat! Thanks for hosting.


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