Thrifty Things Friday #100!

Hi Friends!


Wow, I didn’t realize that today’s party was my 100th TTF! I should have planned something special.

I have had a weird week. One day I have NO motivation and get little to nothing done and then the next I dive into a organizing/cleaning project. Of course, now that I think about it, my moods have correlated with the weather. One day it is rainy and gloomy, the next it is sunshiny and spring like. And then today we had a snow blizzard. No wonder my body is so confused!

What about you? Has you weather been effecting what you have gotten done this past week?

Are you a big book thrifter? I am! I love to find unusual books for cheap prices. Recently at SA I found this huge book for .25 cents!


Emily Post’s Etiquette is quite literally the etiquette bible.


It has a section on every subject.


A lot of what I have read so far is common sense and common courtesy. But, then I also realized that I was raised in a home in which both common sense and common courtesy were taught and expected.

Sadly, I see all too often, that many people don’t seem to have either of these skills. As a very simple and basic common sense/courtesy situation, the above small paragraph regarding coffee shops/deli’s. Recently I was at Panera having coffee and there was a group of 17-20 year olds sitting at a table across from me. They were having a fun time and then when they got up to leave, they did just that, left without cleaning their table. Now these were not rude or obnoxious people. They all seemed very nice but, I could tell that they didn’t even think to bus their table. I thought that was so surprising.

When I see something like that I often wonder if they grew up with “family dinners” around the table. And were taught when you are finished with your meal you remove your dinner plate and silverware.


Personally I think that this book should be a text book for high school students. It should be part of a mandatory class taken in order to graduate. Part of a Real Life Preparedness Class.

Okay, I will step down off of my soap box and put it away for awhile. LOL

Time for you to share all your thriftiness with us!


  1. Hi Diann!
    It seems that families are not teaching common courtesy today. And...many others who know what's proper aren't compelled to do what's right. Even I have found myself being selfish at times. It's sad.
    On a happy note...your St. Patrick's wreath was very inspiring. I love how you added the doilies...very clever!

  2. It's just not the same as it used to be at all, is it-guess that means we are getting older... I wonder how manners and courtesy will play out in the next few years.... it makes you wonder...

    That's a lot of Thrifty Friday's - thanks for hosting every week...

  3. Hi Diann,
    What a beautiful header for this special time of year. It's so full of Springtime sweetness.
    Thanks so much for the lovely features and for hosting!

  4. It's not only the weather but daylight savings time too!

    Love your book find! I love old books !: )

  5. I agree manners are lacking in society today. It would be helpful if they were taught in the classroom, since so many young people seem to be unaware of them when out in public. Congrats on your 100th TTF and thanks for hosting!

  6. Amen about the weather. Gloomy here today and I find myself curled up in the chair with the afghan and Boots. Now the sun is out about the time it goes down! Now let me figure out something to thrifty thing to post! Thanks as always for hosting!

  7. Thanks for hosting Diann. I linked up a great giveaway! I understand what your saying about the E.Post book. They need to have a class in this at the High School level since so many young people are not exposed to it. Kinda strange you would need this but, I think the time has come.

  8. Happy 100th! I LOVE your book...and 25 cents???!! Awesome!

    Today I shared a link for my blog post about my Bubbie (grandmother). She passed away in June 2011, and today would have been her 84th birthday. Bubbie was the ultimate entrepreneur and "thrifter": as I was growing up, she owned a small antique shop that was 6 houses down from my childhood home. She would have LOVED all of these thrifty finds, so I hope it's OK that I shared her memory among these lovely posts!


  9. Your Emily Post Etiquete book is a total treasure, and practically a GIFT at 25cents!! I'm swooning!! My Abue-Stella went to heaven at 94, in good health in her mind and body.. and I still miss her, she was so up to date, as she had always excersise and did brisk walking, plus she always massaged her neck everyday, to keep it from wrinkling. She followed all the etiquete, like in your book and taught my mom and me, but my mom learned better than me, lol.. Thank you for this post and for hosting my friend. Happy St. Pat's Day!!

  10. #100! Yahoo! How wonderful! We always have fun here at this party. Of course I love your wonderful book! What a treasure! Happy thrifting!

  11. Our Panera Bread restaurant actually buses their own tables now. They also bring out our food. Maybe you local restaurant is doing the same.

  12. Real Life Preparedness Class is a good idea. How about Common Courtesy 101???

  13. Wealth of knowledge in there and all for 25 cents - what a steal! I agree with you on Emily Post's book being a requirement for high school graduation. It is very helpful. Now. Happy 100th TTF!

  14. Diann, Congrats on your 100th TTF! Quite a milestone!

    Can I please jump on your band wagon with you? Courtesy and civility are hard to find in today's world. Wish they would include it in school curriculums, it could definitely help the kids.

  15. Diann,

    Congrats on 100th TTF!!!

    I think I have been here for most of those weeks....

    Thanks so much for hosting!!


  16. Hello;
    I also have a copy of this book, mine says that it is a 1937 copyright. I either picked it up at a thrift store or a used bookstore. It has a stamp in the front of the book that said it was in the Glenville High School. (Gilmer county in WV)It was more than likely in the library; but perhaps it may also of been a resource book in a home economic class. I particularly like the part in chapter 5 (On the street and in public) that says not to attract attention to oneself when out in public,because it is one of the fundamental rules of good breeding.

  17. I am so glad to be a part of your 100th! This is such a cute site and I can't wait to spend more time on it! I am hosting a linky party today and Monday on my site so come on over if you get a chance!

  18. Yes!! I totally agree! :) I hope I'm raising my daughters with manners and grace. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Can't believe it's here already!

    Mrs. Sarah Coller
    Homemaking Linkup is live and ready for whatever you've got to share!

  19. I so agree. I always taught manners when I was teaching. Some had never been taught not to talk with food in their mouths, etc

    You would have to include the adults in the classes though, and some new chapters on cell phone etiquette would have to be added.
    Thanks for hosting, Diann!

  20. Wow, Congratulations on one Hundred! I do love finding book bargains, all the better! EP, should beMandatory for schools..........Great inspiration here.

    The French Hutch

  21. Congrats on 100! I did not have a post to link up this week.
    I agree - manners, proper etiquette, and respect for other peoples property is not being taught as it should be these days.
    Have a great weekend.

  22. I am so happy that this is TTF #100~ so glad you host this party! Congrats my dear friend! I too think common sense and courtesy have been lost somehow and it's very sad!


  23. Amen, I agree with you 100%. People leaving grocery carts willy nilly in the parking lot instead of taking them to the cart area, not having ANY idea how to introduce themselves or others, not knowing how to complete a proper handshake...the list goes on. I was not taught these things either growing up, but made a point of learning for myself.


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