First Tea of March

Hi Friends!

Wow, March already! I always think of March as the Green Month. It’s weird that Easter is this month too. I know it happens occasionally, but it still seems odd to me.

I thought I would share a fun 4 piece green and white teacup set with you today. No fancy tea setup, just the cup.

IMG_5553I thought the colors were perfect to share for this months first tea.


Such a fun and pretty design pattern.


It comes with it’s own diffuser.


Here is all four of the pieces to this one teacup set. There is no makers mark on the bottom.


I thought I would have a cup of loose leaf sassafras tea. This tea has a wonderfully sweet flavor to it.


Oh, look! Action shot! LOL



I put the lid on to let it steep.

I enjoyed my cup of Sassafras tea while reading magazines. Don’t those two things just naturally go together?

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed your visit!

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  1. Oh I just love this post!

    What a gorgeous teacup - I adore it!

  2. What an unusual teacup - it's perfect for loose tea! I have never tried sassafras tea but upon your recommendation, I'll give it a try if I see some. I am loving your header, Diann! So sweet!
    Blessings to you and your family, Love, Beth

  3. Diann that is such a pretty cup! Love that it has it's own diffuser. Very March for sure. I am going to spend Easter with my daughter's family and watch Tiger hunt eggs, his first time! So excited!
    hugs, Linda

  4. What a cute cup and infuser. Great idea! I must admit I have never tried sassafrass tea...may have to find some! Great photos...action shot especially! LOL! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  5. Hello there Diann,

    The soothing warmth, the refreshing aroma of a cup of Sassafras tea along with enjoying reading favorite magazines, is quite simply "the bees knees". Along with the shared hospitality of blog friendship, such a teatime is always enjoyable. Thanks for sharing this delightful moment of respite with all of us Diann.

    Cheers, blessings and hugs from Wanda Lee

    P.S. ~ I thank God that after a very exceedingly long respite due to illness, I finally have the strength to come back and visit my you precious, fellow tea ladies in blogland.

  6. This is a really sweet teacup set. I've not seen one like it before. I enjoy tea while blogging and reading, often 2 or 3 cups a day. Pamela

  7. I've purchased one of these cups with the built in strainer as gift but have not used one before. Very nice and something you could use for travelling.

  8. Hi Diann, what a pretty teacup and I loved your action shot. I've never had sassafras tea, but it'd be fun to try.

  9. Hello Diann,
    I like your header; very sweet! And what a cute teacup set! I love the green and white and it is a perfect cup for the upcoming season. I enjoy my tea any time but especially with my hubby and while I am reading and blogging. Thank you for joining me for tea and have a lovely week.


  10. Hi Diann,
    thats a really clever tea cup. Love the photo when you pour the boiling water in. The tea sounds yummy. There is nothing better than havea nice cup of tea while reading magazines. Thank you for sharing this sweet tea time.
    best greetings, Johanna

  11. I love the cup, it is so pretty. I like the peeps in your header, I love those things.


  12. What a gorgeous teacup Diann! Great shots, specially love the one with the hot water is been poured! Thank you for your lovely comments and wishes for our anniversary. Big hugs,

  13. Diann,
    Love the tea cup!! Perfect for the Holiday.... I do hate it when St. Patrick's Day is so close to Easter, don't you? I would rather Easter always in April...

    Thanks so much for always stopping by..


  14. Oh I haven't thought about sassafras tea since I was a kid, my Grandma Baker use to dig up sassafras tea roots somewhere on their land and she made sassafras tea, I loved it as a kid back in the 1950's . I can just barley remember it

    I really like your tea set with the diffuser , I really need a cup like your because I love loose tea

  15. Cups with their own infuser are so useful and practical! Thanks so much for hosting the link party and for dropping by L'Heure Bleue At Home.


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