Thrifty Things Friday #97


Hi Friends!

Brass…brass…brass, is that all Diann is going to show us here at the TTF party? Oh hush you guys! I’m just letting brass know that I still love it, that’s all!

Here is another item that had it’s hay day in the 1980’s but, seemed to fall out of favor …candle globes.


I haven’t used globes in probably close to 20 years now. But, when I saw these glass ones with the twisted brass wire, I thought I like those so why not!


Not to mention, I like to actually use candles and light them. Look at that drip-age! I love the way dripped candle wax looks on the candle. But, not so much on the wall or carpet!


So, I am going to give these pretty brass wire glass globes a chance to win me back!

What about you? Have you given glass globes a chance to make a comeback in your home?

Oh, I almost forgot! The pair cost me .99 cents. See why I had to give them a chance!

Now let’s see what you have to share with us!


  1. Diann thanks so much for hosting always a great party. Those peglights you got are Partylite and you got quite the deal ill tell you. congrats thrifty shopper enjoy them

  2. Great shopping I see you did, my friend. Thank you for hosting this fun party, honey. Big hugs,

  3. Diann, I was just looking at the candle globes at my thrift and almost bought a pair. You've convinced me, I'm gonna try them next time I go! Yours are much prettier than the ones I saw. Thanks for hosting TTF!

  4. I quite like these globes, especially at that price. :)

  5. I used to have a bunch of those when I sold Home Interiors...sorta miss them now! Thanks for the party. I'm hosting my Homemaking Linkup Weekend and would love to have you join, if you'd like!

    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  6. Diann, I'm glad to have run across your blog this morning on A Stroll Thru Life. I did not know what these were called, but always want to pick them up at thrift shops. Really did not have a use for them, so I didn't. But this week I saw a tall one, vintage cranberry glass with a botanical leafy design on one side painted in that old-timey shiny gold paint. It called to me, but I did not get it, simply because I did not have a use for it. I wish now I had rescued it though. At some point I hope to have an etsy shop. Or I could have mailed it to you !! After I leave this comment, I will go look around to see if you give the option to subscribe to your blog by email. If so, I'm signing up. I love it when I am led to another blog by a Christian woman. Thanks SO much for sharing.


  7. I have seen tons of these globes come into the thrift store I volunteer at, they just sit on the shelves no matter the price...sad isn't it?
    Thanks for hosting each week, Diann.

  8. Great repurpose idea and nice price.
    Thanks for hosting again this week. Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Ohhh I dont know, I sort of like candles without globes, though there are a few exeptions Im willing to make. :) And for that price, who woulnt? :)


  10. Thanks for hosting Diann - have a great week!


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