Thrifty Things Friday #95


Hi everyone!

Wow, it has been a very snowy week here! I have to admit, I really think all the soft fluffy snow is just beautiful.


That is my sage plant poking out of the snow. I can still go out and pluck leaves as needed. Yes, even though Lia is not here, I still have to put up window clings for the holidays. She loves them and so they are for her.

I have mentioned several times here that I rarely, if ever, buy brand new faux flowers/greenery from places like Michael's. They are just so expensive and to be honest, I can’t afford them.

I am always checking out the faux flowers at thrift stores. I don’t care if they are bagged up, on a wreath, in a basket or in some kind of bouquet. I will remove flowers and use them else where if the price is right.


After Christmas I went to Value World with my $25.00 GC and 50% off coupon. One of the things I bought was this big bag of flowers.


At 50% off it cost me $1.61. Not bad! If you make any kind of wreath or floral arrangement, you know it takes a ton of flowers to create. A lot of thrift flowers are great for “filler”, just to make it fuller. And that is where these bags of misc. flowers come in handy.


I had a Dollar Tree wreath.


I also purchased a couple of Dollar Tree rose bouquets. I knew I wanted to make a new Valentine’s Day wreath for the door.

I pulled out all the pink, white and red flowers from the bag of thrifted flowers and created a V-Day wreath.


There is a ton of flowers in this little wreath but, like I said, you have to use a lot if you want it to be full. Which is what I always like. Even if I had purchased all of the flowers at the dollar store, this wreath would have run me at least $20.00. Instead, I used the thrifted ones and the over all cost was right around $4.00.

Let’s see your thrifty inspiration!

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  1. Diann,
    I love the wreath!! And what a great price for everything. I re did a wreath that I had....Thanks for hosting!!


  2. Oh my word..the wreath of fresh flowers you bought on sale is just stunning..and so is the winter wonderland; I'm a NYorker, so I love and miss snow! Thank you for hosting this great party! Big hugs,

  3. Your wreath is just stunning!! I love it! :)
    Window clings...used to buy them when my kids were little and I bought valentine ones for the grands to decorate with not too long ago. I am so sorry, I know missing Lia must be a never ending heartache ....

  4. It looks great. Having lots of flowers definitely makes it look sumptuous!

  5. Diane your wreath is beautfiul!

  6. Very pretty, Diann! I just took apart an old wreath I had made. I was going to pitch the pretty pink wired ribbon, but did a remake! I will post it tomorrow for all the Valentine's parties this weekend!
    We are supposed to get hit with a big blizzard. Hope we don't lose power.
    Have a good weekend, praying for you!

  7. Diann I really like your wreath! The pink and red is so pretty and very festive. I saw the window clings and thought of Lia! I know you miss her so much! Sending you a big hug!


  8. Its been pretty light in the thrifting area so I put all of January finds into one post. Thanks for hosting Diann. Very romantic roses wreath.

  9. Oh Diann, that is a beautiful wreath. Just LOVE it. Great job! Susan

  10. Beautiful wreath Diann! What a wonderful job you did on it. I have never made a wreath for Valentine's Day... maybe this year I should try one! Thanks so much for hosting the party for all of us!

  11. The wreath is beautiful with such pretty valentine colors. Love the window, I would put them up too.

    The French Hutch

  12. Great finds! I see these all the time but can never think of anything to do with them; thanks for sharing!

  13. This is my first time to visit your blog & link up for your party. I love your snow picture & beautiful wreath. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  14. Thanks for hosting! Your wreath is very romantic!

  15. pretty! love the bright colours!


  16. I linked up late, but wanted to join in. I love your little valentine window clings, so sweet. Thanks for hosting!


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