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I talked about keeping a stocked pantry and using the pantry in a recent post. One of the items I keep stocked is powdered sugar. I keep the bags in airtight containers. Not only to keep pesky ants or other icky bugs out but, also it never seems to fail, powdered sugar bags have some little tiny hole somewhere. You think the bag is airtight and then you plop something else on top of it and the next then you know you are in a blinding powder storm and covered head to toe!

You can pretty much use powdered sugar in anything that calls for sugar. So, it is a handy pantry item.

Today we are talking about making icing. We all know the basic powdered sugar icing…simple: powdered sugar, add water or milk. Easy peasy! But, why not bump up that flavor and color!

The items I am using are all things that can be stocked in a pantry. And these are just a few ideas.



Let’s make some icing!


Pretty purple pink comes from Grape Juice. Keeping different fruit juices whether they be canned  or bottled stocked in your pantry is an awesome flavor booster for many things!


Orange juice is one of my all time favorites for icing and glazing cookies. It packs a yummy punch of flavor and turns the icing a pale yellow.


Using leftover coffee makes a really rich but subtle flavor and the color is this soft caramel color. I save whatever coffee may be leftover in the pot. I freeze it. It is great for this, added to chocolate cake to give it a richer flavor and it is wonderful to add to gravies. Once again, the coffee enhances the flavors. I generally freeze the coffee in ice cube trays and once completely froze I pop them into a freezer bag. One or two cubes are generally the perfect amount for gravies and cakes. Pop a couple into your crockpot when cooking a beef roast.

Also with this flavor of icing, I often use a bit of baking cocoa. it makes it a tasty mocha flavor.


We NEVER throw out the juice left in maraschino cherry jars! A very small amount of this juice has a huge flavor kick. And look at that beautiful color!


Add natural yummy flavors to your icing and also natural color to them. no need to add food coloring. Just use the food itself!


Maybe you could try some of these out on a batch of Easter cookies this holiday. There are a ton of other flavors that are so yummy and colorful to use that you can find in your pantry.

  • Jams and jellies (heat first)
  • Juice from canned fruit
  • Canned cranberry sauce
  • Hot chocolate
  • Apple cider
  • Crème de menthe
  • Purée frozen fruit (beautiful color from blueberries and blackberries!)

Above are just a couple more examples of great flavors to pluck out of your pantry.

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