Christmas and Valentine’s Day All in One Post

Hi friends!

This year for Christmas I gave my mom a “Mother and Daughter” getaway. I realized that my mom, although far from wealthy, pretty much gets the things she wants when she wants them. Of course, she doesn’t “want’ for much. I realized that just buying her some thing wasn’t what she would really like. Laughs, silliness and memories are a precious gift (for her and me) so, that is what I got her.

There are certain movies that my mom and I love but, my dad and Troy would rather eat glass than have to sit through. So, I ordered them (I even used free earned points) and wrapped them up for Christmas and included a print out of a 2 night reservation at a hotel in a fun older town about 20 miles away.

I also told her that I would supply munchies and food (for our room). It was all part of the gift.

IMG_5292I made all the fixin’s for nachos/tacos and a big tuna mac salad. And a couple of other goodies.

Troy followed us to the hotel to hook up a DVD player to the hotel’s TV and then left. So, mom and I cozied in and gabbed, ate and watched our movies . The next day was “Thrift Shopping Day”. This little town has a lot of thrift stores and antique stores that we never seem to have the time to visit. Neither one of us spent a lot of money, we just had fun.

I talked about one of the stores we went to, Craft 2000 in a post last week. We also hit Goodwill, Salvation Army, Big Lots, St. Vinny’s and several antique stores.

2013-01-29 15_20_33


We had so much fun together! My mom is one of my best friends and I always have a blast when we do things together. I have decided that this will be her Christmas gift every year! The memories that we created can never wear out and will always be with us. I am so grateful to have my mom and grateful for the woman she is.

At one of the thrift stores we went to I found some things to use in making a little Valentine décor.

Well, I definitely won’t be receiving any “Most Creative Valentine Day project” award but, that’s okay. I just wanted to add a little Valentine pink here and there. Nothing earth shattering.

I bought this very plain topiary at a thrift store a couple of years ago. I just painted the little pot white and knew I could keep it simply and add and remove things to it for different holidays.


The simple little topiary is in the middle photo unadorned. I used it for a little St. Paddy’s Day décor last year and a bit of Easter last year.

So, I decided to make a little Sweetheart rose topiary.


I got all my supplies together.


I bought these 3 packages of roses and the ribbon, all new, at a thrift store for .59 cents each. Just take the little flowers apart and bend the wire and poke into the tree.


Tie a pretty little ribbon around the pot (I used a different ribbon as you can see).


All done! Simple little touch of Valentine pink.

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  1. My Mom is one of my best friends too. Sounds like a great idea and glad you had such a good time!

  2. What a lovely post - sounds like you and your mother had a great time together. The topiary tree is so gorgeous, I like the idea of changing the adornments to match the season or special celebration.

  3. This sounds like a perfect gift! I would enjoy this with my daughter Sara! My other daughter and I do some getaways once in awhile! Thanks for joining in the Gratitude party! hugs, Linda

  4. Hard to think of a more beautiful weekend with your Mom, Diann. Just the best. Good for you.And the pink rose topiary! Gorgeous. Love it. Have a nice Sunday. Susan

  5. A fantastic idea! I would love to do this with my daughter--cooooool, cooooool, idea!!!

  6. Sadly, my Mom is gone, it's up to my daughter and I to make these kind of memories now!! We're going on a thrift weekend this spring, I hope!!

  7. What a lovely idea!!! these are so much fun! :)


  8. Diann,
    i think that this gift is probably one of the best gifts you and your Mom could ever share together. What a wonderful idea!! I bet you had so much fun and you are right, the memories will far outlast any other gift that you could have bought for her!!

    Great idea!!

    I love your topiary for V Day!! So cute!

    Thanks so much for always stopping by and leaving such nice words....


  9. What a wonderful gift...alone time and shopping!

  10. What a special time you and you dear Mom had, Diann! I love this idea and thank you for sharing it.

  11. so creative. lovely idea. have a great coming up week. ( :

  12. Hi Diann!!!

    Sounds like a great way to spend time together!! And the best of all you went thrift-ting together and items you've bought will always remind you of this weekend.

    I love your pink tree. It can take you right into Spring.

    Have a great week!!!

  13. What a great idea and I bet you really loved ALL that time with your mom! I like your little tree too.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  14. I am here from Linda's grateful journal. She's a friend of mine and when we go to our blogger luncheon's your name is always mentioned by the girls - and we say a little prayer. Thought I'd say hello and introduce myself. sandie


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