Beauty is Not Perfect

Hi Friends!

Sometimes “just because it is pretty” works for me when it comes to a thrift find. Especially an old broken piece of china or porcelain. So, for my first nod to Valentines Day, I thought I would share this pretty little pink rose design creamer and one of my favorite pink teacup sets.


She sat all alone of a thrift store shelf. Her handle had been broken off at some time during her life.


Although she had pretty little delicate feet, she was no longer desirable by anyone.


Just tossed on a dirty cluttered thrift store shelf. Hidden behind unbroken and more collectable items, she sat unloved and lonely. At one time she was part of a pretty tea service. Brought out with pride when guests visited. Until some careless moment, she was mishandled (yes, pun intended LOL).

I thought she still had beauty and a purpose. When I spotted her and saw that she was only “valued” at .39 cents at this store, I decided to take her home and let her have a new life on my nightstand.


She now proudly holds cough drops on an old cotton doily and tarnished little silver tray.


With the crazy freezing cold snowy blizzard one day and then a rainstorm and 60 degree weather the next day, my throat is sore and scratchy and I am pretending it is not just a symptom of a cold coming on.


The cough drops are needed as is a lovely cup of a pretty and yummy pink tea. (Thank you Katie for this delicious tea!)


It’s the little things that bring out a smile for me.

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  1. Aww. She was rescued and is now loved. She is a beauty! I hope you are feeling better! The color of that tea is so so pretty! Looks yummy and soothing!

  2. Oh what a sad story with a happy ending. I thought the gravy boat was adorable too, didn't even notice it didn't have a handle! The teacup and saucer is lovely too. Have a happy week.

  3. Wonderful! She is lovely and now at home and loved. A fabulous story and so true- beauty isn't all about perfection.

  4. Very pretty pink cup. I need a little bowl to have my cough drops handy by my bed too...have a leftover cough from the flu 3 weeks ago...

  5. Diann, that is such a great way to use that pretty gravy boat. I know she's proud to be in service again. Such a pretty pink tea cup and saucer. Perfect for pink tea and for getting into the Valentine mood. You are still in my prayers. laurie

  6. You are so kind to lost and broken orphans Diann. Hope your sore throat doesn't develop into a bad cold.

  7. I'm a sucker for the chipped and broken pieces also! Hope you feel better soon!

  8. we all are broken; and we all need a Savior. what a beautiful reminder of His care!

  9. So glad she found a good home! Love the beautiful pink cup, sooo pretty!

  10. Diane I am glad you rescued that little piece of china. It is so pretty!

  11. So pretty and lovely to put it to use again. Hope your throat is unscratchy soon.

  12. So glad your pretty little dish has been put to good use again. Wonderful idea for holding cough drops by the bedside and I do hope you stay well, Diann. I just got over the cold myself. Your teacup is really pretty and a hot cup of tea always helps one feel better. Thank you for coming to tea my friend.


  13. Oh, I agree! It couldn't be more perfect. It's been used and loved and is still pretty! I posted an old Bible that is tattered and tossed. I will treasure it! Sweet hugs!

  14. Great rescue, I think she is very pretty.


  15. What a beautiful pattern; and a creative way to hold those cough drops. I hope you're feeling better. I bought an organic tea from Kroger's called Throat Coat. It seemed to help in soothing my throat.

    Brenda (Homemaking) (Recipes)

  16. A lovely pattern...I can see why you brought her home. A bit of cheer for the cough drops...which I hope you WON'T be needing for long.....Pretty blush pink teacup too. Take care of yourself! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  17. So sweet! What a great story, you should fluff it up a little and enter it somewhere : )

  18. What a lovely pattern on your creamer, Diann. I'm glad you rescued and put it to good use. Your pink teacup and the tea itself are pretty. Hope you feel better soon!

  19. Hi Diann!!!

    Thank you for rescuing a beautiful piece of china. I am the same with items
    that are missing a piece or has a crack in it. They are still useable in a lot of ways.

    I love the pink flowers. It's so cute!!


  20. Love this wonderful creamer, and such a beautiful pattern. So glad you saved it. Great tea cup too. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  21. The creamer is sitting in a lovely setting and so admired again so you have rescued a treasure. Isn't this weather fickle? I can sympathize for I have had headaches and sinus thus hitting the medicine cabinet and good cup of Assam! Your pretty pink teacup and saucer are just perfect for a pick me up of tea. As you drink your tea I hope your cold disappears.

  22. Diann,
    What a sweet post and I love how you rescued this lovely piece from that dusty thrift shop shelf...

    Thanks for always stopping by!


  23. Such a darling post and what a fortunate little lady she is to be taken home and loved by you! Get well soon!

  24. Ahh, what a happy ending to the story. She look so proud holding those cough drops. I'd have brought her home, too.

  25. What a lovely cough drop holder! You are so clever!


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