White Tureen

Hi Friends!
I love white tureens! Whether they be white ironstone or not, I just love white tureens. Actually, I love all tureens. LOL I use them all the time. Tureens are the perfect things to use at a dinner table. It doesn’t have to be fancy or you don’t have to wait to use them when you have guests. Just using them for an everyday meal is fine.
I think I have about 10 large tureens. Most of them are white ironstone but, several are patterned china or just pretty design tureens. I also have about 5 mid-size covered tureens and then about the same amount in a small size.
This past year, I have passed up so many pretty tureens at thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales. I told myself that I can’t collect every tureen I see!
But, I just couldn’t pass up this small covered white tureen set. I just couldn’t!
I love the size of it. Just perfect for side dishes such as vegetables. I just used it the other day for a mix of sweetened strawberries and blueberries to go over pound cake.
I found it at Value World while shopping with my $25.00 Christmas GC and 50% off coupon.  So, for $1.46 she just had to come home with me!
I love the style and the details on this pretty little tureen.
Since I do use tureens several times a week, I need to keep them handy. However, I have a serious lack of storage for these types of things. So, I like to decorate with them.
I decided to fill it with some potpourri.
Onto a shelf it went. I can take it off the shelf whenever I need to use it and easily place it back when done.
During January, I always seem to want to have cleaner lines when it comes to home d├ęcor. I think after having the house all decorated for the holidays, I just enjoy very simple and subtle things around me for awhile.
Keeping it simple makes me smile at this time of the year.  And something as inexpensive as this little $1.46 white tureen fits the bill perfectly.
Enjoying the simplest of beauty on a thrifty budget.
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  1. wow did you get a great deal, I love this tureen, love the platter that came with it, what a wonderful find, I am sure you can come up with a lot of wonderful ideas, I am thinking that wonderful Tomato basil soup from costco would be too perfect...

  2. Diann,
    What a great piece!! Can't beat the price either!!


  3. Wow! What a deal! So pretty too. I love the shape...Christine

  4. I like your tureens, Diann. Somehow I always thought they were just for serving soup but you have shown how versatile they truly are.

  5. Cute and such a great price. Recently I have passed up several large white ones...no place for any more...I was so proud of myself!

  6. Oh my yes, you sure couldn't pass that one up no matter how many more you had at home. Love it!

  7. I'm so glad you didn't pass this tureen by; it is quite a beauty! What a fabulous price, too!

  8. That is such a pretty tureen! I love the lines of it. Great find!
    hugs, Linda

  9. That turned out to be an amazing deal!! Beautiful shape and detail. I just love it when they have the tray like that. I only have four soup tureens. I guess I better try to catch up!! What is it about them? I love them too!!

  10. Your white tureen would look perfect in my red and white kitchen. *hint hint* ;) Just kidding! I'ts very pretty and I would have snatched it up as well!

  11. Love this look! And what a price! I had a white pottery tureen in my booth at the mall that sold very quickly. I think a lot of people like them.

  12. Great deal and lovely useful tureen. Visiting from Linda's Gratitude Sunday.

  13. Oh what a wonderful find. I love it. The price is unreal. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  14. WOW!!!'s

    What a cute little tureen!!! Even at the regular price it was a steal. I just love how you have used it when not in use on your table. It's so pretty!!

    Have a great weekend!!



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