Thrifty Things Friday #91

Hi Friends!

I know that Christmas things are just about the last thing you want to look at right now. But, this time of the year is when I get my best deals on Christmas treasures.
Last week after I stopped at VW to use my GC and coupon, I stopped at another favorite thrift store that was on the way home just to check out what they had.
All of their Christmas things were 75% off the tagged price. Love that!
My all time favorite Christmas decoration is Christmas trees. I just love them. I have several smaller tabletop and floor trees that I normally look forward to decorating each year. Our main Christmas tree is always real and has ornaments that have meaning to us on it. The smaller artificial trees get to be fun theme type trees.


When I walked into the store, this little 4 foot tree was sitting there right in front of the door. I need to “fluff” it up a bit yet.
All decked out in lights and peach Victorian ornaments.
I looked at the price tag. $5.99. Okay, not a bad price. Then I saw the 75% off Christmas sign and thought, “Now that is a REALLY good deal!”. I told one of the workers that I wanted to buy the tree and asked if he could take it up to the register while I shopped around.
I figured they would strip down the tree while I was shopping. But, no, they sold the tree as is. The grand total paid for the tree was a whooping $1.59! four strands of working lights, all the ornaments and the cute “real” mini tree stand!
It looks pretty and I decided to set it up in Lia’s room with all her “Santa” Christmas gifts around it. Yes, we already had sent her a bunch of gifts but, I buy all year for her and so, I still have plenty here. Not too mention, we plan to have a small Christmas celebration whenever she does come home. Now she will have a Christmas tree all waiting for her.
Seriously, could you have passed up this tree for $1.59? Even if it was used once and then re-donated. I just couldn’t pass up this thrift find!

Okay, let’s see your thriftiness!


  1. You got some great deals! I also purchased two trees after Christmas...a white one to make a snowman with and a rustic tree for the side porch. Thanks for hosting!

  2. Love that sweet little tree and at that price, fantastic!!

    Thanks so much for hosting!!


  3. Thanks for hosting your Thrifty party. Love visiting and seeing all the great things people are doing. I hope you are doing well, I know you are going through a hard time. God bless you. Karie

  4. so cute Lia will totally love it when she comes home praying that will be soon

  5. What a great buy for that cute tree AND ornaments. Lia will love it! Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week.

  6. Love your tree and it was a great buy. Nice to see Lia's Santa gifts. I know she will be so excited when she sees her tree and her gifts.
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  7. It IS the best time to pick up bargains and you got alot of them!

  8. What a fantastic bargain! All my Christmas decor was thrifted this year. I told my husband it cost so little, that we could throw it all away and start over with new thrifted for next year. We didn't, of course, but it is fun to have totally new decorations. You are always in my prayers and have been praying that you have been in contact with Lia.

  9. Boy you were so lucky to find such great burgains! I can't wait to go to my fav home store this Saturday..they will be on sale from 50%to 70% off! Lea would love these. Thank you for hosting in the new year too! Have a great weekend.

  10. You got a great deal on that cute little tree for Lia. I was so good after Christmas and didn't go near a store until I knew the Christmas stuff was put about killed me, but I didn't add anything to my Christmas stuff.
    Thanks for hosting each week, Diann.

  11. Honestly, Diann, that little tree with the peach Victorian decor is absolutely darling. Cannot believe the price. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW It is perfect for Lia. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Susan

  12. Oh you did well. I am never up for looking at the after-holiday bargains, this year especially. But I did manage to get a little thrift shopping in with my holiday shopping before Santa arrived. Finally had time to set them out for display.

  13. Wow, you did get a great deal! Good job!

    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  14. It is really cute and at that price a steal! Love that Lia has Christmas waiting for her at home!

    hugs, Linda

  15. Hi Diann! Love your beautiful new tree, and I have to admit I collect trees too!! (0; From the biggest to the smallest, I LOVE THEM ALL DEARLY!.. Wishing you and yours a blessed and very Happy New Year!! ~tina

  16. You are one of the best deal-finders on the planet! Great score!!! Thanks for inspiring us and for hosting the party!


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