Share Your $$ Saving Tips!

Hi everyone!
This isn’t going to be a new weekly party. I just want a place where anyone who reads this post can share a money saving tip with us.
We all try to save some money here and there. And everyone’s idea of saving is different. We all have different needs and wants.
Saving just a few pennies here and there can add up. So, I would love to hear ANY tips you have…big or small.
Let’s share with each other some simple tips to help us save some of our money!
Here is what I would like to do….
At the end of each month I plan to share a money saving tip and share the tips you leave in the comments on this post on a new post. Next months post you will leave new tips and the following month I will post them.
Does that make sense?
So, feel free to leave as many comments with different tips to share with us. I will have the above button on my sidebar and you can click it and come back to the most recent “Share your $$$ saving tips” post whenever you want and leave more tips in the comments throughout the month.
It’s important to remember that it can be just a very simple tip. Even if you think that everybody already does that, you never know. So, please share. This is not a place to leave comments saying things like “I already do that” or “I don’t use such and such a thing so that doesn’t help me.” We aren’t trying to out do each other. We are trying to help each other.
Here are my small tip for this month:
Aluminum Foil.
Aluminum foil is a time saver for me but, I also got in the habit of using it very freely. When I cook meat in the oven, I line my pan with foil and then cover it with foil. Often, I reuse the top layer of foil because it doesn’t get touched with the meat. However, I recently ran out of foil and had to come up with a solution until I could get to the store to buy more.
I still line the bottom of the pan because I have no desire to spend time scrubbing the pan prior to putting it in the dishwasher. But, instead of putting a second piece on top of the pan, I use a cookie sheet to top the pan. Simple and easy and helps cut my aluminum foil use in almost 50%. Not too mention, it doesn’t help fill my trash can and so this could be considered a “Green” tip as well.
See, just a small money saving tip. All the little things add up! And that is part of my 2013 goal..BTB!

Now it’s your turn. And remember, you can leave as many comments with money saving tips as you want to and can do it throughout the next 30 days!
I am going to join Linda at Gratitude Sunday because I am always grateful when I can save some money and am grateful for all of you who share your money saving tips!

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