January ~ Organizing Month

Hi friends!
January has always been the big “get organized” month. This is the month you will see all the stores have sales on organizing containers and bins. And most of us just love all those wonderful color coordinated bins, cute labels, perfect stackable boxes. I know I do!
thCA37MPC0Oh yes, I definitely drool when I walk up and down the organization aisle's!
Beautiful color and fabric coordinated boxes….swoon!
If I have some spare money, I try to pick up a new bin or two during these sales. But, in reality, who has “spare” money? Definitely not me this year! And most of us can’t afford to go and buy a “complete matching set” of any of these lovely things.
I watch for organization boxes and bins and things of that nature at thrift stores and yards sales all year long. I also look at what I have on hand that can be used for storage and organizing.
Last year here at The Thrifty Groove, my 2012 goal was Organization. I shared some ways I used household items for organizing things around the home.
Clementine boxes/crates are a huge favorite of mine to use for organizing.
Using the zipper bags from sheets or blankets are a great organizing tool.
Thrifted photo boxes or large boot/shoe boxes are a great way to organize and hold your candles. Using the cardboard paper towel and toilet paper rolls act as great dividers so your candles stay scuff free.
As you can see, nothing is fancy or beautifully coordinated but, it all works. If you have time to cover these containers in matching fabric, paper or painting them, that is great! But, don’t let the fact that you can’t afford to go out and buy new boxes/bins that are just perfect stop you from organizing your home.
Recycle the things you already have!


  1. Lots of organizing to be done here for sure! I'm not sure if I'll ever be done

  2. Thanks for sharing these great ideas on storage and organization without spending a dime! And I don't want to keep bringing more and more plastic (bins or otherwise) into my home anyway. Wishing you a very happy New Year!

  3. I also look for boxes, bins and items to help organize all year long at the thrifts. Love your idea of using cardboard tubes to separate candles!
    Simplify and Organize! Yay for January!

    hugs, Linda

  4. Like you,I look for organizing items all year. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I also use the paper towel rolls to organize drop cords.Happy New Year!

  5. Very clever and functional ideas. I will be doing some of these. Happy new Year. Be blessed.

  6. All great ideas, Diann. Organizing is good! Recycling is even better! Susan

  7. I am so like U! I luv ur new header! If u noticed 1 of my latest pics on fb..u saw my 3 nieces, a pc of my heart! Exactly why I send U luv, hope, prayers!


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