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Hi friends!

I love the look of copper. I don’t see it very often in decorating which kind of surprised me. Copper has such a wonderful warm tone to it. Normally as soon as Fall comes around I bring out different copper pieces to decorate my home.

I have several pieces of Coppercraft Guild.


Coppercraft Guild was a home party in the 1950’s & 1960’s. The Tupperware of Copper items.

I recently found this Coppercraft Guild compote bowl. It has some serious issues on the inside. But, since  it was only .99 cents (after 50% off ), I decided it was perfect for what I had in mind for it.



As you can see, pretty bad condition on the inside of the bowl. I knew this could not be cleaned or polished off. However, I didn’t plan for the inside to be showing when I use it.



One of my brothers, for Christmas, said he just went into Homegoods Store, found a large wicker basket he thought I would like and started filling it with different things. He told me that this is the ONLY time he would go into that store and just for me. LOL


One of the items that was tucked into the basket was this beautiful potpourri. So, when I saw the copper compote dish, I knew it would be the perfect thing to hold and display this pretty potpourri.


And I was right. It smells heavenly!


The colors look lovely in the copper dish.


An easy, inexpensive way to add a new metal to your home décor,  a copper dish filled simply with a beautiful potpourri.

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  1. Diann that potpourri is perfect in that bowl! I love that your brother shopped HG for you!
    hugs, Linda

  2. You have a very thoughtful brother.

  3. I lovw this dish, it is so pretty and great for potpourri. Love that your brother got it for you.


  4. I love mother has given me so many beautiful pieces to enjoy..
    Wonderful post!

  5. If those spots are not through the finish, Barkeepers Friend would probably clean that bowl up really, really fast. I use it for all my brass, aluminum cookware, and copper - not to mention sinks and chrome. About the only thing I don't use it on is silver. Fabulous product. Most Walmarts carry it.

  6. That looks very nice! A great idea, especially since copper looks lovely! :)


  7. I use to collect copper and use it all over the house. I counted one days and found that I had 285 pieces!! Over the years I have slowly gave them away, but, I still have some beautiful pieces.

    I find copper really warms up a space.


  8. Very nice, Diann. It looks great! Susan

  9. I'm with you, I don't know why we don't see more copper. Maybe because the big trend is in painting everything white or cream with lots of blues and grays as accent colors -- really, copper wouldn't look very good with any of that! Copper would look just fine in my home, where dark furniture and plenty of rich colors still abound. I think the copper compote looks perfect with the potpourri, Diann, and how sweet that your brother bought that for you.

  10. It all looks so nice. Love the cute copper piece, a pretty accent piece. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  11. I love the shape of that bowl - great find. And copper is coming back in style! :)

  12. I love copper! Yours is beautifully displayed!

  13. What a wonderful find, Diann! laurie

  14. What a lovely piece, Diann! It is perfect for holding your potpourri. My parents had a lot of copper pieces. Not sure if they still have them all, but I know my Mom has a copper tea kettle that she always had out for display.

  15. Hi Diann,

    Just found your lovely blog by accident (and wrote this message once, but lost it in the sign-in process!) Thought you might like to know that you can in fact sand out these black marks very easily, and then you could use the your copper bowl any way you might wish. The instructions are as follows: 400 grit wet/dry (black) sandpaper will remove the black marks. Progress to 800 grit and then 1000 grit sandpapers (wet/dry). Use a 2000 grit paper finally to polish away all the scratches left behind by the other papers and to bring your bowl's interior to very high shine. It should look like a brand new bowl in fact. Remember to use 400 paper dry, and to sand away the black marks completely with this lower grit before progressing to the higher grit sandpapers, which you should wet with water before using.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Pam Wagner


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