Using Mother Nature for Christmas

Hi Friends!

One of the things I did while back in the woods was to cut a bunch of pine branches to use for for Christmas decorating. I love the smell of real pine and the look of the real wreaths, garland and swags but, if you buy the real stuff already made up, it costs a small fortune.

So, I decided to take advantage of the bounty of pine and evergreen available to me and bring a bunch home!



When my dad cut down our Christmas tree, there were many branches he had to cut off first so, I gathered those up to take home.

I sure wish there was such a thing as “smell screen” settings because the smell of this pine and evergreen is beyond amazing!

I also gathered some evergreen branches and a bit of cedar. And these will be used throughout the house for decorating.

This year I am keeping it simple and natural. I don’t plan to do any major glitzy decorating. But I think fresh, natural and simple will be pretty.


Not too mention, it is very thrifty!


  1. I love the smell of fresh pines! I'm doing a simple Christmas also! Big hugs to you! Linda

  2. That is the one thing I miss is the smell of "real" pine/evergreen in the house. With the artificial tree I have to resort to candles...although not bad it's still not the same! Wishing you and Troy a blessed Christmas holiday and the and an even better of New Years!

  3. That will be beautiful, and smell so good! I really love simple, rustic, natural decorations. To me, they are more lovely than the fanciest things from the store!

  4. This is totally my motto for decorating this season! I am doing all greens from around our yard including pines and boxwood. Can't wait to see what you do with those gorgeous greens!
    Have a great day!!
    XO Barbara

  5. That sounds great. I can't wait to see everything.


  6. Mmmmmm, I can almost smell that pine through the computer screen, Diann. Alas, our tree is beautiful but not living. Candles provide the nice smells, as well as baking, but I like fresh pine!

    Take care and have a peaceful Tuesday. Susan

  7. Absolutely agree with you - natural and simple, fresh and beautiful.

    I have a life evergreen wreath but that's all the pine I can have b/c my poor hubs is allergic to pine - even having that wreath there he won't go throught the front door and uses the garage, poor thing!

  8. I like pine leaves too, Diann but our pine trees are very tall and they are on the side of the house where I am afraid to go so I use our holly berries instead that are in bushes by the driveway so it's easier for me to access them...Christine

  9. I wish we had some pine trees to use. I really do like the smell of pine and it would make a really cute decor in my sunroom.

  10. For years now I've had to turn to pine scented air freshener. It doesn't even compare to the real smell of pine. I do miss it but there is no ready source of pine here. I've got several little table top trees sitting around the house that I use year after year. I guess you could call that thrifty too. Sure do miss that Christmas tree smell.

  11. The real branches make the whole house smell good. We're keeping it thrifty this year and I'm praying for you, my friend. Sweet hugs!

  12. I have had so much stress lately I need a simple Christmas! I have my red dinner plates waiting for the dinner! Tamales ordered from our favorite Mexican place for Christmas Eve!A Secret Santa Gift nearly ready for my special Secret Santa! We do one gift we draw names at Thanksgiving. But we buy for the little one. Our very first great grandson! Jayden! He is a hoot! So he is my one splurge! I need to get into my cold garage before the snow comes later today! I am way behind decorating inside! The outside looks like a Jehovah Witness home! My neighbors are big on the glitz of holiday brightness!HaHa! But it will all work out! Now if I could borrow some super chefs to help me pull off this Slovenian cook a thon with my niece Chelsea from Oregon on the 16th! Hmmm.....
    Now your Christmas will be perfect in its place with all that beautiful natural decorating! The scent of fresh pine is amazing! You will pull off one beautiful Christmas! Take care. Hugs to you from me! Anne


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