TTF #89 and Lia Update

Hi Friends!


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. This was a very tough Christmas for us. We had a wonderful time with family and friends and had terrific foods and received lovely presents. Unfortunately we all had a difficult time holding onto the the joy of the holiday for more than a few moments before being sad that Lia was not with us. It left a huge hole in our holiday.

On Christmas night we went over to my parents house so that we could call Lia and wish her a Merry Christmas. My parents haven’t been able to talk to her since she was taken from us. We were all looking so forward to that call! Sadly, we tried a couple of times to call and even sent a text asking what would be the best time to call her, but apparently talking to her on Christmas was not allowed. That was very hurtful and heartbreaking. And very sad for Lia. She was denied the chance to talk to people she loves and love her and that have been her only family for her entire life. She wasn’t able to wish us a Merry Christmas and to tell us all about her Christmas.

What is really sad is yes, we were all hurt but, we are all adults. To deliberately hurt a little child and punish her is just cruel and emotionally abusive. But, I guess that is to be expected.

I pray she had a good Christmas. It makes me a bit nervous that we weren’t able to talk to her. I instantly thinks something bad happened or she simply did not have a good Christmas. Because if she had a wonderful Christmas, Amber (Bio mom) would have been thrilled to have her talk to us so she could be all excited and tell us all about her gifts and what she did. But, that was not the case.


And the woman who supports child abuse, child endangerment, child suffering, child neglect and doesn’t believe in protecting children in any way shape or form, Susan Hubbard, The Cowardly Judge, issued her denial for  Motion to Stay. This coward once again would not face us and tell us that she is going to deny the motion. She cancelled our hearing and issued her decision via mail. If she knew she was right in her decision, as a Judge in a Court, she would have faced us. But, we all know what a slimy, underhanded, unethical, immoral liar this woman is.

By doing what she has done, she has jeopardized the integrity of the entire Wayne County Court Legal System. By being allowed to to do this a second time, that leads me to believe that the “higher ups’ in the court are all committing fraudulent behavior. By not reining in this insidious woman, the overall court is screaming that they condone and engage in corruption.

We are looking into who exactly are the “higher-ups” in the court and will be publishing that information as soon as we can. And this time around, I will be actively pursuing a bombardment of letters written to these people (or person). These people need to know that the world knows what they have done and what they are continuing to support. They need to know that this behavior is NOT acceptable!

Yes, they have already done this evil deed but, that does not mean they can get away with it and sweep it under a rug! 


Troy has written a post about the facts here: Susan L. Hubbard: Coward, Fraud, Judge

She remains in our prayers and in our hearts every second of every day.

2012-11-04 13_24_27_thumb[7]

We love you Sweetheart! And we will NEVER stop fighting for you!

Okay, on to the party (sorry about all the above. It was just a hard Christmas for us and our hearts are still aching. Once again, the best interest of Lia was ignored.)


As I have said throughout the holiday season, money is very tight here this year and it was going to be a thrifty Christmas. I know a lot of people when they are financially  strapped at Christmas decide to not exchange gifts between spouses. I don’t believe in that. My spouse is my soul mate, my strength, my love. Why would I ever not give him a gift? He is my rock. Now, with all that said, Troy and I discussed our budget and knew we had to get creative with each other’s gifts. And that is just what we did!


I love unique jewelry…not expensive…but, unique. At one of the last holiday shows we did before Christmas, Troy spoke with other vendors and let them know he was open to the idea of trading our product for other vendor products.  That was a successful venture on his part, and  everyone ended up having a fun time the last hour of the show doing their holiday shopping via “Barter and Trading” with other vendors.


He ended up getting me numerous sets of pretty, unique and fun jewelry. And yes, I went out into the snow blizzard to take pictures of this set on our snow covered table. LOL It looks like it was taken on a piece of cotton batting. Nope, that is snow!


And I love the idea that he did not spend a dime out of pocket for any of the jewelry! And the fact that we supported local small home crafted companies makes me even happier.

Holy Cow! I just realized that this is the last TTF party until 2013! I hope all of you have a wonderful and safe New Year! Let’s hope that 2013 is a great year for everyone!


Here is a little eggnog toast to you all for a fantastic 2013!

Okay, show us your thriftiness!


  1. I am beyond sad for Lia! To not get to speak to her REAL family at Christmas is just wrong. I love the necklace and I'm happy that Troy was able to barter for it. A Thrift Christmas indeed! I'll be back later to link up a post! Wishing you Joy my sweet friend.
    hugs, Linda

  2. I had thought about you over the holiday, knowing that Christmas would be difficult for you. I am sorry you did not get to speak to Lia.

    Mr and I were not going to get each other gifts..but we did. I got a new battery for my laptop and he got practical gifts. Not exciting but from the heart.

  3. Troy did a great job! Those pieces are lovely.

    I hope 2013 will prove to be a better year and one that brings Lia home to you and Troy where she belongs.

  4. So, so sad that you could not speak with Lia on Christmas. More especially, it's sad that she was unable to speak with all of you...her "real" family. This judge is absolutely unbelievable! Do you have addresses for us to write to her and the "higher ups" ? Also, what about your Senators/Congressmen? We could all bombard them with letters and calls. I'm very serious about it!

    Your jewelry is gorgeous! I'm like you, I love the unique things and no, they don't have to cost much. I hope you have fun wearing them.


  5. Diann, I can only imagine the heartbreak you and Troy experienced this Christmas.

    The only thing to do is place your sadness and worry in the heart of that other sweet little baby, Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

    He will take care of Lia and keep her safe while she is apart from you. I'm very sad for both of you but believe God is in charge. Trust Him.

    And may He bless little Lia and protect her always. Susan

  6. I too was thinking of you and what a difficult holiday this must have been. I hope 2013 will be remembered as the year Lia came home. Thank you for continuing to host TFF. Take care.

  7. Your Christmas gifts are beautiful. They are unique and I'm sure you'll enjoy wearing them. I do hope the New Year brings you only good things.

  8. Diann, I feel so sorry for you and Troy and my prayers are with you.
    I do hope that you will be able to get a new judge in that county.
    I hope that the higher ups will indeed help.
    Your jewelery is beautiful. He did a great job in picking it out.
    Hugs and Prayers

  9. I'm so sorry for your heartbreak! Would it help if all your blogging friends sent emails? I'll be looking for your post with information if there is anything we can do to help you and your beautiful Lia.

    Thanks for hosting TTF with so much on your plate. Love your jewelry, what a great idea for getting your gifts! We got new phones, more necessity than want. Now if we can just learn to use them. :)

    Joining in with my tablecloths....what else? LOL! (hugs), Pam

  10. Oh goodness, what a cloud on your holidays sweet friend. Is there anything we bloggers can do for Lia..please let us know! So far prayers are going that way. Thank you for hosting, even so, you are so generous. May your new year be better, with happiness, health and prosperity. Big hugs and blessings.

  11. I hate hearing this. Just a thought, My DIL works for our state Senator and he listens to a variety of problems from the people he represents, could you get an appointment and see if there is anything he/she could do for you? I figure if enough people throw out ideas maybe something will help. Oh, I hate that lady!! And to think we are paying her salary!



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