The Cowardly Judge! (Susan Hubbard)

Dear friends,

Most of you know that we had a hearing scheduled for this Friday. We knew the vile Susan Hubbard was going to do everything in her power to deny the Motion to Stay.

(I couldn’t find a recent picture of Susan Hubbard. Here is a very old one)


We just received notice from our attorney that Susan Hubbard decided to “Dismiss Oral Arguments” And she will issue her “written opinion” via mail.

So, she STILL won’t look any of us in the eye! She is STILL hiding out in her chambers! She cannot face us in the courtroom so, she did the only thing she knows how to do and that was slither into her office and come up with something, anything to avoid looking at us.

It seems a LOT more people are aware of her fraudulent interstate kidnapping ploy under false pretense that she devised! It must have come as quite a shock to this unethical woman that people all over the country were aware and outraged with her conduct and behavior. People who have a voice!

Did her ego actually think she could hide and slide this disgusting behavior under a rug?

Can one person be that arrogant? Apparently so.

Judges are supposed to be Honorable. That is why you will NEVER hear me refer to this woman as a Judge. She is the furthest thing from Honorable I can image.

In my personal opinion, since I have first had knowledge of her lack of moral character, I can honestly say that this woman needs to be REMOVED from the court ASAP! How many children’s lives has she already destroyed? How many more will come before her believing that their little lives will be taken care of?

Of course this woman had such stellar examples of moral and ethical conduct in her family. It is not surprising one bit that she is so immoral.

Here is her Grandfather, Orville Hubbard. He was a mayor of Dearborn, Mi.


This is a quote from a Detroit News article ….for the full article, go here.

A few minutes later, the mayor came to a story about a 26-year-old Detroit woman who was awarded $740,000 after a bungled operation turned her into a mental patient. "Jesus Chris Almighty," he thundered. "Society can't stay in business. Because the n-----s are revolting, we just give it away." This was vintage Orville Hubbard, all right. If he was trying to cement his reputation as the nation's most outspoken segregationist outside the Deep South, he certainly was succeeding. It was exactly the kind of performance you might expect of a man who supposedly once had examined the bullet-riddled body of a black man and called it an open-and-shut case of suicide. Or a man who, during the Detroit race rioting of 1967, had ordered Dearborn police to "shoot looters on sight." Or a man who, the stories go, sometimes used to discourage blacks who had just moved into Dearborn by providing police and fire protection that was a little too good -- wake-up visits every hour or so through the night in response to trouble calls.
From The Detroit News:


Yes, the moral proverbial apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! From the picture above, you can see that arrogance is a family trait.

So, after her heinous behavior when she devised the kidnapping ruse, she once again cannot show her face to anyone involved. The shame and guilt are quite obvious.

When a Judge in our legal system/courts can completely dismiss a child, not caring one second for the safety and well being of the child, how do we stop them?  Who speaks for the children?

Is Susan Hubbard someone that Michigan should be proud of? The citizens of Wayne County need to remove this loathsome, repugnant woman from the bench,(and I really despise having to refer to her as a “woman” because I do not want her associated with my gender!).

And if you are called into her courtroom for a case involving your child, do whatever it takes to get a different Judge. Hubbard will willfully and arrogantly ignore any true facts in the case regarding the best interests of the child. She will summarily dismiss professionals that testify regarding the best interest of the child. Yes, I witnessed the above behavior from her! She LITERALLY  rolled her eyes during testimony from a child psychologist who KNEW Lia and spent time with Lia.  I certainly hope that she didn’t take a page out of her Grandfather’s demeanor and simply dismiss the PHD because she was African American. She talked to the Doctor. with such hostility and lack of impartiality. It certainly makes me stop and think.

Now here is a very scary bit of information. Susan Hubbard is a mother. I have included her child in my daily prayers.

My personal disclaimer:

Most of what I have to say is on court documented paper and video. It is all public record. Anyone can order the records of this case. The rest is my personal opinion based on what I have WITNESSED first hand!


  1. Diann there are no words to express the outrage I feel about this. Cowardly and disgusting are certainly words that apply to this 'person'. I am so sorry and of course Lia is the one who is in danger but she apparently doesn't care. I am shaking it is so hard to type. God, Please take care of Lia and comfort her. Keep Troy & Diann strong for this battle. Lord, please deal with this 'person' and help her see the error of her ways.

    Sending you a big hug! I love you guys!


  2. She's despicable! Do you have the names of the persons we could contact in Wayne County, in MI proper...Senators, etc? I think a massive letter writing campaign & telephone calls should be in order.

    Always praying for you, Troy and Lia.

  3. Diann and Troy, I am so sorry to hear this! Never would I have thought that she could ever do something like this. Pathetic coward! Still praying that she will see that she is wrong and do what is best for Lia.

  4. That is indeed a cowardly act. How generous of you to pray for her children.

    However - you do the cowardly lion a disservice. He did have a kind heart.
    Who knows if this person even has a heart.

    It is still puzzling to me what could have motivated her to make that decision in the first place. The way she acted tells the world she knew it was the WRONG decision, based upon evidence! And based on any morality or ethics.

    Hoping you all stay safe in the first big storm of the winter.

  5. Diann, I feel the pain, the rage and that I do understand. What I don't understand is WHY did she do this? What reason? It certainly was not in Lia's best interest. I just don't get it. Nonetheless, I am praying. Perhaps your atty would agree with a media blitz, or maybe that's not a good idea. Also, I believe someone suggested you contact the DHS in Utah and express your concerns regarding the male in the home. Take care and take heart.

  6. Hi Diann....Please send me the letter via email and also tell me any other person I can write to in a higher office than the person who put Lia in the care of a woman she didn't know and a person with child abuse convictions.

    There wasn't even any closure of any kind.

    What about all the nights you and Troy were up with Lia from the time she was a baby?

    What about all the YEARS of love and caring and SACRIFICES you made? Don't they count?

    To pull a child away from the only persons she knew as mother and father is's despicable.

    The little child must have been SO CONFUSED.

    There could have been supervised visits FIRST. It could have been done (if it HAD to be done by law) gradually and HUMANELY.

    Truly, this is an extremely upsetting case and a child's life is altered forever.

    Who in the court system there can we write to, to tell of our collective outrage?

  7. I have a potty mouth. I curse like a sailor. I am saying all the big words I know right now but I won't post them here. This whole thing is a mess from beginning to end and this person should be called up by her superiors. Who is the superior of a judge? The law association? The Senate? I have no idea but everybody has a boss.

  8. I can't believe she is a mother. I was trying to think of some psychological reason that she would want to separate a child from the only Mother and Father she has ever known. I thought maybe she hated children? Keep up the pressure, keep her in the media. Let us know if there is anything we can do, as a group we are very powerful!


    1. She is a mother to a bastard child, a disbarred attorney, Daniel Mercier, 10 years younger then her...she only wanted to become a mother to get elected into family court.

  9. Such a coward! You, and Lia, have been and will continue to be in my prayers!

  10. She is such a despicable coward, Diann. I wrote my letter and sent it from Texas, last week. I'm still praying for you, Troy and Lia.

  11. I'm having a hard time putting words down for a comment but I wanted to let you and Troy know that you all are still in my thoughts and prayers. I absolutely hate what has happened to Lia and your family.

  12. Does anyone know if the little girls still is able to keep in contact with her grandparents??

  13. Susan Hubbard is the mother to a bastard child who was fathered by a boy, 10 years her senior. She wanted a child at age 41 and was so pathetic, chose to have a bastard and not marry the father, now a DISBARRED ATTORNEY, DANIEL L. MERCIER. AGE 45, Susan Hubbard, age 55. She shares personal documentation regarding other children's lives with her daughter, now age 14, for information against HIPPA laws to be used within the Grosse pointe school system. Susan Hubbard, her days are marked as a so called judge. Every single human being knows, a judge is someone WHO NEVER COULD HAVE MADE IT AS AN ATTORNEY...ITS JUST MORE CITY DISTURBANCE HAVING HER SIT BEHIND SOME BENCH PASSING JUDGEMENT ON OTHERS.... SHE MIGHT WANT TO TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR. ITS DISGRACEFUL!

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