Shhhh…Here’s My Secret Ingredient

Hi Friends!


Every family get together I have to make deviled eggs. I am the only one who makes them anymore in my family. Probably because they are kind of a pain to make but, everyone tells me it is because mine are the best. Maybe it is a combination of the two factors.

Because it is just you and I here, I am going to tell you  my secret ingredient.  So, just keep it to yourself please!


When I make my deviled eggs I use equal parts Hellmanns Mayo and Miracle Whip. But then I add Greek Salad dressing. NOT the creamy kind. The oil kind. That is important! I have a local favorite Greek dressing but, I wasn’t able to find it up north.I also add some ground black pepper. I generally sprinkle the top with either a little paprika or seasoning salt. That’s it. I can’t give you exact measurements because A.) I never measure and B.) it depends on how many I make.


Nope, no fancy schmancy piping into the whites this time. I am at the trailer and don’t have piping items with me. I don’t even have the plastic baggies to make a piping bag. Besides, it’s about the taste not the prettiness!

So, if you want to kick up your deviled eggs a little try adding Greek dressing next time!


  1. I'll have to try your little secret. My family likes deviled eggs too and I've often done the half mayo and have miracle whip. Now I'll have to try the greek dressing too. Hope your Saturday is a super one!

  2. Aw so that's your secret! I love deviled eggs!
    hugs, Linda

  3. Oh Yum! May I come and steal you away? The last batch we tried to make at Thanksgiving were disaster ! I think the eggs were too fresh. The peel torn away the white flesh! It was so sad. We bought some at the store one year, UGH! They tasted like rubber! My middle Rebekah loves deviled eggs so for Christmas this will be her job! Thank you Diann and I am always praying for all of you! Have a good weekend! I know it is a busy time of year for all! Hugs and Blessings Anne

  4. I love deviled eggs and so do the nieces and nephews, so I usually make some for our family gatherings, too. I add a tiny bit of vinegar to mine, for that additional "kick" they need.

  5. Thanks Diann, I am going to try your version. My family LOVES deviled egg.

  6. Diane, your eggs look delicious.

  7. Diann, That secret ingredient sounds so good. My SIL loves deviled eggs and I bet he would love that addition.
    I use Duke's mayo. I would be banished from the south if I used anything else. Just for your ears, I have used Hellman's when I couldn't find Duke's.
    Love the dish under the eggs, too.
    Praying for your family, Ginger

  8. I so wish I had these right now!! Thanks for sharing.


  9. I will have to try your version of deviled eggs next time I make them Diann. I have never heard of using both mayo and Miracle Whip and the greek dressing must give it a great flavor too.

  10. This sounds really good. I love Deviled Eggs (doesn't everybody?!) and this is a very different way of making them. Should nicely settle the Mayo-Miracle Whip debate!


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