Free+Free+Candy= Fun Tabletop Decor

Hi everyone!

I recently showed you the wonderful bunch of burlap I received for free. then last week, I showed you the wine crates that I received for free. I decided to use these things to create a fun holiday tabletop display.


And since I told you that it was going to be a thrifty Christmas, I decided to use candy, which I would have bought for the holidays anyway, and create something fun.


I started with the wine crate and put a stack of books in the bottom.  Then I cut some burlap to add to the inside. I filled my large glass jar with candy kisses. Okay, I should probably tell you that it would take about 10 bags of kisses to fill this jar full. And that wasn’t going to happen! So I first placed the largest bowl I could get into the jar upside down. That takes up all the middle space and no one knows its there.


I used two freebie tall glass vases and hung candy canes all the way around them and then filled the rest of the jar with wrapped peppermints.


A little ribbon here and there and it’s a fun simple display that can be moved whenever I need it to. I will probably move it to the kitchen table soon.


I love this ribbon! It is a burlap ribbon. It is a large bolt that was normally $12.99 at JoAnn's. I was at JoAnn's last week and was looking for a couple of items. Sadly, this was only the second time in 2012 that I have been in JoAnn's. Their prices just sky rocketed and I really can’t afford to buy there anymore. Back in the 1990’s I used to work for JoAnn’s. That was back when they were little stores and not the huge ones they are today. I miss the little stores. They were fun and friendly.


Back to the ribbon. When I was shopping, I found a section of Christmas ribbon way back in a corner of the store. Not with all the new Christmas stuff. This was last year’s inventory and it was marked 90% off! Needless to say, that is where I bought some ribbon! So, this large bolt of burlap ribbon cost $1.29 (instead of $12.99). And as if that deal wasn’t good enough, I used a gift card I received last Christmas to pay for my purchases. I still have half of the card to use!




You can see the different spools of ribbon I was trying out in the background of this picture. I picked them up at Michael’s last year for 50% off (each were normally $1.00). I need to redo my little bow on the jar. Kinda came out askew. LOL


I thought it was a fun way to had Christmas cheer without costing a lot of extra money.


Here is a little thrifty side note…..

I chose candy kisses because they are fun and brightly wrapped but, I really chose them because they will keep nicely in ziplock bags and can be used for baking treats in the upcoming months. They are great for melted dipped goodies, chopping up for chocolate chunk cookies or the peanut butter thumb cookies. I really try to keep in mind when I am buying any kind of holiday candy, what else besides just nibbling them, can I use them for?

The peppermints will get used in other things as well.

Remember the “after Christmas sales” and stock up your baking supplies with holiday candy at 50% off!


  1. Diann I love that ribbon! Great find and again you are the Queen of Thrifty! I'm glad you told us your trick for the candies in the jar, cause I can't afford to fill mine up either! Very smart! Of course with the Mr here no candy lasts long... he is more of a chocoholic then I am! Love your cute Candy centerpiece. Wishing you a great week.
    Hugs, Linda

  2. Good Morning Diann, I really like your centerpiece. It's so colorful and very useful. I like how you bag up the candies to use later for your baking; in our house, they don't last though! I really like the white/peppermint Hershey kisses and the dark chocolate ones with mint centers. Yum!

  3. Your Christmas burlap box is delightful. Thanks for the tips on Kisses too...I never thought about melting them...I'll have to watch out for the after Christmas sales now!

  4. I like your tips for filling large spaces with less. I employ that same principle when I get the Christmas decor out and I need creative ways to hide the everyday decor. They get plopped in a big bowl as filler and covered up with the Christmas baubles. Storage problem solved. :-)

  5. How clever it was to put the bowl inside to take up room in the large container. I love that idea. Your display is really cute.

  6. How cheerful and pretty this is, Diann. I love that ribbon too, and how great that wine crate is. I am going to have to remember your brilliant idea of putting a bowl inside the candy jar! I'm afraid the Kisses would be too tempting for me. There wouldn't be any left for baking! laurie

  7. I love this! One of these days I'm going to find an apothecary jar for a steal. :) They're just so expensive. Anyway, great idea re: the candy. I bake things for the grands and saving on the candy would be awesome.



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