Christmas Present ~ Thrift Shopping!

Hi everyone!

I told you that Troy and I got creative when it came to Christmas presents to each other this year. Well, here is another gift I received.


Okay, that’s cool….a coupon. Value World ran a special last month. If you purchased $25.00 or more you received this 50% off your entire purchase during the week between Christmas and New Year’s coupon.

So, what did Troy buy for $25.00 to receive this coupon?


That’s right…a $25.00 gift card to Value World!


Not only that but, if you purchased a gift card you received a second 50% off coupon for mid-January.

How fun is that!

After the Christmas I had, I was in serious need of a little retail therapy. So, I grabbed the first coupon and the gift card and headed out.

It was a madhouse at VW! Seriously, I had to circle both parking lots and side streets 3 times before finding a parking spot!

2012-12-28 16.07.49

But, I was patient. I had a mission!

2012-12-28 16.08.01

And I conquered the masses at VW! I ended up spending $1.31 out of pocket. What did I purchase? Oh no…no peeking! I will share with you over the next little while. Remember, I don’t thrift or shop much anymore so, I need to spread my treasures out for y’all! LOL I can say that I went shopping with a couple of upcoming projects in mind and was able to find what I needed for them. And yes, I bought a couple of things for the princess. I had to!

So my thrifty friends, would this have been a fun gift for you to receive for Christmas or am I just weird?


  1. Am I right when I say that value world is a thrift shop? I would love it!

  2. Heck no! This isn't a weird gift at all. I think it is a very thoughtful gift, especially since you guys are pinching your pennies and saving for way more important things right now. A thrift store is a perfect way to get in some retail therapy without breaking the bank! I scour our local Goodwill on almost a daily basis so I would have been stoked to have gotten a gift card for there:-)

    Happy New Year!


  3. How fun! I'm all about coupons and discounts so I understand your joy. Can't wait to see what you got.


  4. This would have been an AWESOME gift to receive! I know you had a fun and found some bargains! Can't wait to see them. Hugs, Linda

  5. I wish we had a value world by us. From what I've seen that others get, it must be pretty nice. We used to have a Value City here and I loved it, but they closed up a few years ago and I do miss it. I probably shopped there more than any place. Like you I don't shop a lot these days but when I find a good buy, it's hard to resist sometime.

  6. I think it is an awesome gift- we need to tighten our belts, and be frugal and clever - getting more for less. Hon, if you just got a cart full of treasures for less than a Coke at Mickey D's ya done good. I cannot WAIT to see what you found, I am very excited to see it.

  7. I would consider that a fabulous gift! I hate shopping in retail stores, never, ever go to the mall. EVER. I hit Walmart maybe a couple of times a year, and despise doing so. But thrift stores? Oh, yeah!! Or garage sales, auctions, used book stores, those are a paradise for me. I would love a gift card and coupon to a thrift store!!

  8. I asked for (but didn't get) a Goodwill Giftcard for Christmas. I spend hours in our local goodwill. Love a bargain, Love crafting, Love retro, and don't like shopping in retail stores. I had never heard of Value World, sounds so good that I just told my husband that I would like a trip to Value World for my Birthday in February. The closest one to us looks like Clinton Township. We will be checking it out soon. Thanks!

  9. What an amazingly smart hubby you have! That would be a dream come true gift for me! I look forward to seeing what you found. Vanna

  10. That is my kind of gift! Looks like did amazingly well with 2 carts full!
    Wishing you a happy, healthy New Year.

  11. What a great present! I can't wait to see what fabulous bargains you found because I know you found some of the best the store had to offer!!

  12. That would have been my favorite gift! I love thrift shops, auctions, estate sales, etc.! My husband is always saying that he likes new and my response is that once you wash something it is now used, so what is the difference? Most of my family, except my sister-in-laws, don't understand the thrill of shopping this way! To each their own.....more items left in our haunts for us:-)


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