Asking for Help

Hi Dear Friends!

Most of you already know the whole story going on regarding Lia. If not, here are my posts. Taking a Break, So Much to Say and Just to Keep You Updated.

So many of you asked how you could help. Many asked to write the Judge letters. Well, I think that time has now come. After discussing it with legal advisors, we came up with a sample letter to be written to the Judge regarding this situation.

Our next hearing for a Motion to Stay will be on December 21.This hearing will be held in the same courtroom and with the same judge who did this horrendous thing. So, we know she is not going to back down and admit that she did anything wrong.

We would like to get as many letters to her prior to December 21. We want her to know that this is not an acceptable manner in which a judge acts. We want her to know that people are aware of this ugly situation. She doesn’t have the right to act unprofessionally, unethically and immorally. She is expected to be unbiased and act in the best interest of the child. Children are counting on her to make the right decision. She is supposed to be their “voice”.

I have no idea how many children prior to our case have been overlooked or neglected because they had the misfortune of having their lives in this Judge’s hands. And how many future cases involving children will this judge mishandle? It terrifies me when I think about it.

So, if you would like to write a letter to the judge for Lia, we would greatly appreciate it! Just send me an email stating “Letter to the Judge” in the subject line and I will send you a copy of a sample type letter and the mailing address. This will give you all the information and give you a chance to say in your own words what you feel or think.

Thank you all again for all of your prayers. I have no doubt what so ever that these prayers are getting Troy and I though this heartbreaking time!!


  1. I will continue to pray and will share this with my followers so those who choose to can help also!

    hugs, Linda

  2. I would be more than happy to do this! May I have your permission to post this on Facebook as well?
    Perhaps an online petition would speak louder?
    You are in my prayers...always...


  3. Oh,how dreadful. I've only just caught up with what has happened. I cannot believe that someone in such an important position could act so irresponsibly. She should be struck off. My heart goes out to you and your family. I will pray for you all. xx jeanetteann

  4. I've been thinking about that precious baby a lot lately Diann. I so hate it that they took her away the way they did and she's with strangers. I've been praying for her when I think about her. It breaks my heart just to think about her being scared. I don't want to upset you though. I also have thought that when she gets older and if she is still stuck living with them then she will try to find you and Troy. I'm sure she knows all about your blog. Be sure to make ways for her to find you easy through fb and your blog and even possibly a blog with your name. You will get her back! I'm just hoping it's sooner than later.


  5. I have no idea how something like this could happen and my heart breaks for you and your family. Please send me the letter and I will be happy to help you out. My email is

    Thanks and God bless you.

  6. Hi Diann - Been out of Blogland for a bit with too much on my plate but was checking in tonight. Just so you know, I shared your story with a prayer warrior friend of mine at church who has been through a similar situation with their beloved little Sandra. She truly identifies with you and has been praying for you. Do send me the letter to the judge details at You are loved by a God who can perform beyond our imaginings! Seems we're all holding on for BIG miracles these days . . .
    Joy in the Journey . . .

  7. Diann - sent you a request - its from daysez. Thanks. As someone who was taken from their mother as I child I can understand what Lia is going through but not your side. My Biological father and step mother took us and hid us from my mother for over 6 months and my step mother was emotionally abusive to us. She would lock us out in the snow when my dad left for work with the clothes we had on and a can of Chicken Chow Mein for us to eat. This was in the dead of winter in Michigan. I am praying for her safety and that she comes home soon. (Our situations are different - but I can only that it is a new experience for her and hopefully a pleasant one)


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