A Little Christmas Here…A Little Christmas There….

Hi everyone!

I haven’t really posted much Christmas here this year. To be honest, it’s a rough Christmas for us. I didn’t do my normal “Whole Hog” Christmas decorating this time. It was a struggle to do any decorating but, I knew I needed to do some. So, I thought I would just show you a few glimpses of Christmas here at The Thrifty Groove.


These burner covers just made me smile. I picked them up at The Christmas Tree Shops for $3.00 (yes, I paid full retail!).


I picked up two of these red cardinal napkin rings at JoAnns for 60% off (using a gc). I looked at two other JoAnn stores to try to find more but, didn’t find any.


This little cloche is super simple and not decked out on purpose. It was the first thing I did for Christmas. The last show we did with Lia, she fell in love with this little ornament because her favorite Christmas song is “The Little Drummer Boy” (I know, odd for a four year old but, she has always loved that song). So, she had asked if she could use some of her earned money to buy this ornament. Of course we said yes. Shortly after that, she was taken from us. And this little ornament was sitting on the coffee table right where she left it.


I always buy one new ornament at Cracker Barrel each year. This is the one I chose for this year.


I have a little tabletop tree in the dining room and I placed it on a recently thrifted silver plate tray.


I collect Santas. And I didn’t have a golfing one. I found this guy at Goodwill for $1.49 while on the Girls Shopping Trip a couple of weeks ago.


I love these bead wreaths. I bought this one back in the summer at a yard sale.


Our small bathroom is all done in purple and white. I just picked these two plastic purple and white candy cane ornaments up at Walmart.



I bought these glittery bell name card holders last year at CTS clearance for .29 cents a set of 3. I wish I would have bought a lot more of them because they are just perfect for holding Christmas cards!

So that is a little Holiday cheer from our home to yours! Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful day!


  1. Diann I admire you for being able to decorate at all. The Little Drum put tears in my eyes! We just have to BELIEVE that Lia will be home for Christmas next year! Sending you all Love and Hugs! Linda

  2. Thinking of you and in constant prayer for your family.
    I have been very busy trying to nurse our rescue bulldog back to health...please know I am with you in spirit.


  3. It makes me sad to know Lia isn't at home with you enjoying Christmas this year...she will be next year, hopefully. Everything is so festive...my wish is for you and Troy to have a Merry Christmas, too, Diann.

  4. I surely wish that your little Lia was home sharing Christmas with you! The drum in the cloche is a sweet way to honor her. Your fireplace is really lovely, and I like how you've decorated the mantel. The holly china and cardinals are very Christmasy/wintery - looks beautiful! Take care of yourselves this holiday season. You need to stay healthy for each other and for sweet Lia.
    Blessings, Beth

  5. Looks very festive! I love the burner covers! I originally thought you were gonna say you made them!! Why didn't I think of Christmas Tree Shops!?! LOL!
    I love Cracker Barrel's ornaments, I have a handful of clearanced ones on my tree!!

  6. I love your gorgeous pieces Diann. Love and Hugs for Christmas x

  7. I know how it can be to have a Christmas that isn't Merry. But remember the Lord of all loves you and knows the feelings of your heart and He will bless you and your family. He brings to all His message of Peace. Merry Christmas. Hugs, Karie

  8. Oh, Diann, everything looks great.Those stove covers are darling. Don't you just love the Christmas Tree Shops?

    I know this Christmas must weigh heavy on your hearts. Try to keep the faith, as difficult as it must be.

    God bless you all, including Lia. Susan


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